Chic Bohemian Rugs to Fill Your Home with Splendid Boho Vibes

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If I have to choose one décor item for a visible home transformation, I’ll choose rugs in the blink of an eye. They have this unique tendency to breathe life into any dull space with their mere presence. I am personally a big fan of bohemian rugs as they’re full of art, colors, style, and most importantly, clean intricate patterns. I believe a boho area rug is the most creative way to add a spark in your home décor without embarking on a complete home renovation.

If you too have a taste for boho home décor, you can use this wonderful opportunity to accent your bedroom, living room, dorm, or other rooms with a chic boho carpet. Whether you choose to go with solid colors or intriguing patterns, there is an opulence of attractive options that will add a unique character to home décor.

If you’re worried about budget, your concern is valid. Investing in a good quality carpet or area rug is not economical at all. Still, there is a plethora of bohemian rugs on Amazon that won’t drain your pocket as much as you think.

Keeping all your concerns in mind, we have brought you best boho rugs with classic graphical patterns and unique textural designs to replace your old area rug in style. We hope our collection will help you unravel the puzzle and pick the best design for your perfect space.

Best Bohemian Rugs on Amazon – Top 15 Designs

1. Distressed Bohemian Area Rug from Safavieh Monaco Collection


Distressed Bohemian Area Rug

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This statement rug features a free-spirited design inspired by bohemian culture to give your room an authentic boho makeover. Made with enhanced polypropylene fiber, this boho rug has a unique power loom construction for a visually pleasing look. It comes from a trusted brand Safavieh, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability. This chic area rug makes a perfect match with traditional, modern, and bohemian styles of home décor.

Available in multiple sizes!

2. Boho Chic Vintage Area Rug from Safavieh Madison Collection


Boho Chic Vintage Area Rug

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Here’s another great design from the same brand, but very different. I personally like its mosaic pattern in a beautiful fusion with distressed look ultimately giving it a contemporary elegance that your guests will admire. It is made from enhanced polypropylene, ensuring a non-shedding design that lasts for years. With its stunningly alluring design, this bohemian rug makes a wonderful addition to your bedroom, living room, meditation room, dorm, and even the dining room.

Like the previous one, this boho area rug is also available in multiple sizes to fit any small to large-sized room with absolute perfection.

3. Chester Boho Rug by Artistic Weavers


Chester Boho Rug

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If you’re more into simple patterns and minimalistic colors, this Chester bohemian rug can be your best bet. Coming from the best rug enthusiasts in the market, this carpet is specifically designed to flourish your space in the most inexpensive way luxuriously. Crafted with 100% polypropylene, this picturesque area rug offers a perfect soft touch and an anti-slip surface. Through it uses basic colors and has a simple pattern; it doesn’t fail to bring the boho flair to any room décor. It’s tough, durable, and stain-resistant.

It’s available in multiple sizes and shape so you can choose according to your preferences.

4. Boho Area Shag with Moroccan Tribal Design


Boho Area Shag

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This shag rug has a fluffy texture which makes you want to lie down directly on it. Just look how comfortable and cozy it seems. It features a neutral color palette, fluffy shag, and braided tassels at both ends contributing to all the elements needed for a bohemian dash. You can integrate this bohemian area rug with all kinds of décor, and you’ll find how effortlessly it makes everything pop out in style. Clean this rug with a vacuum cleaner to avoid shedding.

Multiple colors, sizes, and shapes are available to fit varying requirements.

5. Hand Braided Boho Accent Rug by nuLOOM


Hand Braided Boho Accent Rug

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We are looking at a handmade rug that is bound to drop jaws in the very first sight anyone lays on it. What’s the more beautiful thing about this carpet is that it carries the hard work and soul of the artisans who worked on it till perfection. It features a gorgeous combination of vibrant colors, adding the pop of red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and blue, turning your room into an eye-candy. We recommend shaking off the dirt and debris rather than vacuuming or machine washing this rug for extended life.

You can get thins casual bohemian rug in multiple sizes and shapes to fit any room.

6. Off-White Bohemian Area Rug by nuLOOM


Off-White Bohemian Area Rug

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Here’s another beautiful creation by nuLOOM with neutral colors and a fantastic pattern designed to go with any kind of home décor. Just look at this rug closely. Do you think there is anything that could go wrong with having it in your home? I don’t think so. Its Moroccan-inspired resilient design makes it a perfect pick for everyday’s wear and tear. It is 100% kids and pets-friendly as it’s made with high-quality fabric and has a no-shed built. Vacuum this carpet regularly to maintain its elegance throughout the years. Spot clean with mild detergent.

Multiple sizes are available in square, rectangular, oval, and round shape.

7. Medallion Bohemian Rug From Safavieh Monaco Collection


Medallion Bohemian Rug

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If you have a thing for medallion design and bold colors, this blue colored rug will fill your soul as well as your space with sheer contentment. It features a distressed vintage design that speaks for its brilliant and artistic craftsmanship. This richly-textured boho carpet boasts the timeless motifs revived by gorgeous colors to make a fashion statement in any of your rooms. Its refined power-loom construction makes it shed-free and long-lasting. Having a folkloric and formal Persian design, this blue rug has all the elements to bring chic bohemian flair to your home décor.

Different sizes and shapes are available to meet all kinds of personal preferences.

8. Plush Boho Area Rug by Artistic Weavers


Plush Boho Area Rug by Artistic Weavers

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Having a plush & luxurious pile, this area rug is crafted to perfect for adding a touch of glamour and coziness in any room. I would personally prefer this type of carpets for bedrooms, but you can use it as you like. This machine-woven piece of art is carefully crafted to prevent shedding and offer durability. This bohemian rug features a very basic color palette which is why it will make a perfect combination will all kinds of furniture and décor.

Round and square shapes available in multiple sizes ranging from small to large

9. Antiqued Red Bohemian Area Rug from Safavieh Vintage Hamadan Collection


Antiqued Red Bohemian Area Rug

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This richly colored vintage rug is sure to bring the touch of antiquity to your home décor with its bohemian look and luxurious feel. It has been machine-loomed with soft synthetic yarns promising the quality, plushness, and durability. Its beautiful design displays the visually appealing classic motifs in an antique tarnishing and characteristic hues. Coming from a reputed brand, you don’t have to worry about the shedding as it is made with premium quality polypropylene. You can traditionally accent your home décor by bringing this carpet home.

The choice of shape and size is all yours.

10. Contemporary Boho Rug from Safavieh Adirondack Collection


Contemporary Boho Rug

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Looks like a perfect area rug for highly trafficked areas in your home because of its power-loom construction and use of polypropylene pile fiber which is known for strength and durability. This boho area rug is available in multiple colors where black and white design is perfect for the living room, which you can choose a more bold combination like blue and silver for a living room. Its intricate pattern is meant to look supremely chic in any room. Having a very neutral design, this rug works perfectly with contemporary as well as vintage-style décor.

You can choose from different sizes and shapes to fit your requirements.

11. Hand Woven Jute Area Rug from Safavieh Cape Cod Collection


Hand Woven Jute Area Rug

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This round shaped area rug might not be suitable for all of your rooms because of its shape, but it sure has got a style and boho flair to get to the list. It will look perfect under your dining table, in the balcony, bedroom, and other small spaces around your home. This boho area rug is the result of expert craftsmanship as artists carefully craft it with natural jute. The traditional woven pattern is the highlight of this rug, which also puts it ahead of the curve. The tassels on the outer side are final touch or what we call “A Cherry on the Cake.”

It comes in different sizes to fit any space from small to large.

12. Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug by nuLOOM


Rigo Hand Woven Jute Rug

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Here’s another boho-inspired area rug by nuLOOM taking the craftsmanship to another level. Available in round, square, and oval shapes, this area rug is the perfect combination of panache and longevity. Featuring an exquisite braided texture, this jute rug will effortlessly add bohemian flair to your living room, bedroom, hallway, or dining room. It has a very natural color which allows the carpet to match perfectly with your existing décor no matter what kind. Do not use the vacuum or machine wash as it needs proper care because of being handmade. Just shake off to remove the dirt and debris. Use dry-cleaning to get rid of the spots.

Multiple colors, shapes, and sizes are available.

13. Modern Boho Rug from Safavieh Evoke Collection


Modern Boho Rug

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This modern bohemian rug uses 66% polypropylene, 27% jute, 5% polyester, and 2% cotton bound together in a power-loom construction to give rise to an aesthetically pleasing design. It features a gorgeous pattern in very basic colors which make this rug an optimum choice for all kinds of décor at your home. Whether you use it in your hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or playroom, this boho rug will bring the best warm tones of grey and ivory into your room. This rug is an excellent choice if you have pets or kids because it uses high-quality materials that keep the stains and odor at bay.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

14. Multicolor Boho Rug from Safavieh Amsterdam Collection


Multicolor Boho Rug

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I feel like I am favoring Safavieh a lot in this article, but I can’t help admiring their rug masterpieces. They have really a vast range of bohemian rugs for every soul. Look at this abstract pattern with vibrant colors. Who don’t want rugs like these for their homes? This area carpet offers a very luxurious view and ultra-soft touch (even on the barefoot). It comes from Safavieh’s best collection that perfectly infuses traditional motifs with the classic design using a modern construction and high-quality fibers. This rug can easily stand high-traffic areas in your home and are pretty easy to clean.

You can choose the shape, colors, and sizes as per your preference.

15. Andorra Bohemian Area Rug by Home Dynamix


Andorra Bohemian Area Rug

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This area rug features perfect medallion motifs colored in gray and the shades of blue, creating another level of impact in your room. It is crafted with soft polypropylene fiber which will feel cozy and soft underneath your feet. If you want to make your space feel inviting, this area rug can be the primary attraction of your room. Be it a living room, bedroom, or an entryway; this boho carpet can make any space look more appealing and admirable. It is stain-resistant and virtually shed-free, which adds to its life and durability. It’s a great product at such a reasonable price. If you loved the design, you could purchase it without a doubt.

Plus, you have a range of sizes, shapes, and a few color options to choose from.

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