25 Best Bohemian Curtains for Boho Room Makeover

bohemian curtain

Shout out to all the hippies out there! If you are obsessed with the bohemian lifestyle, vintage décor, and artistic home makeover from the 1800s, you’re probably going to love this post. We’re here to talk about the curtains. Well, not just the curtains – The Bohemian Curtains. They come with a lot of colors, patterns, fringe, tassels, motifs, and what not – and that’s the least attractive thing about them. There is much more to a boho curtain – it has a unique style to add a personality to any space with four walls.

If you don’t want a cold and angular room with zero personality, giving it a tweak of boho flair is the best thing you can do. A boho curtain is the best way to accomplish the same. A bohemian textile with the natural textures and ancient motifs can do the trick. Keeping the same in mind, we have found the best bohemian curtains from Amazon to keep up with your hippie soul.

Best Bohemian Curtains 2020 – Top 25 Picks

1. Cotton & Linen Boho Curtain Panel


Cotton & Linen Boho Curtain

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This boho curtain features a beautiful printed pattern and gorgeous tassels to revamp your bohemian style bedroom, living room, and even the dining room. It comes with a rod pocket so you can easily slide it through the curtain and hang it without any hassles. This curtain allows you some privacy by restricting the light, but it doesn’t completely blind the room. That means a little light still passes by so you can enjoy the glare.

2. Deconovo Blackout Curtains Grommets with Dots Pattern


bohemian curtains

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The decorative blackout curtain is available in a set of 2, made up of triple-weave high-density blackout textile layers. These curtains have a unique feature of noise reduction and thermally insulating. The polyester fabric of the curtain is very soft and silky. The dot pattern followed by irregular lines on the curtain makes it a trendy piece for boho themed decor. And if you are worried about the color, the curtain is available in 12 different colors and sizes. The curtains UV ray blocking feature will always provide you utmost privacy. 

3. Bermino Faux Linen Sheer Curtains


sheer curtains for boho room

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Bermino Sheer curtains will surely add a feel of elegance to your room. These beautiful curtains are a little transparent so that you can get some natural light into your room while the privacy will still be intact. The curtains are crafted of premium quality polyester fabric. Available in 14 lively colors, these curtains will surely make a statement in any room. You can even pair these curtains with blackout curtains in a mix and match combination. The seller recommends a machine wash for this curtain with cold water.

4. Lush Decor Rowley Birds Curtains


Rowley Birds Bohemian Curtains

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This gorgeous pair of curtains with cute little birds sitting on wires is a pleasing choice for a Bohemian theme. These curtains have a partial room darkening feature, as they allow partial light to come through. Available in 5 multi-color shades and 3 different sizes, the design of these curtains is perfect for a boho or farmhouse style decor. You can hang the curtains either with a rod pocket or a clip ring for a classic look. The curtains are made up of 100% polyester fabric, and when hung will surely have a soothing effect.

5. Indian Mandala Hippie Curtain Set


Indian Mandala Hippie Curtain

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If you want to decorate your room with authentic ethnicity and give it a dramatic bohemian makeover, consider buying this pair of boho curtains. These curtains are available in multiple mandala patterns and colors, offering you an array of choices to meet your preferences. They come with in-built rod pockets and ready to fit in any standard size curtain rod.

6. Geometrical Printed Bohemian Curtain with Pompoms


Geometrical Printed Bohemian Curtain

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Here’s another beautiful design for those who love bohemian vibe, geometrical patterns, and pompoms to top it all. This curtain is a perfect combination of all those things. Made from 90% cotton and 10% linen, this curtain blocks the light and heat to give a no-glare effect on your screen. The pompoms at the vertical sides of the curtain give it a super-chic look and authentic boho flair. It’s machine washable with cold water.

7. Flora Sheer Curtain by Cherhoo


Flora Sheer Curtain

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Floral prints are the best way to breathe life into bohemian décor. This set of 2 curtains set the perfect example for that. Its leisure design and abstract watercolor print offer a rustic and sophisticated touch to your bohemian place. This pair of curtains effectively dampen the intense sunlight and provides a soothing environment inside. Perfect for bedroom, living room, patio, yoga rooms, or anywhere else you prefer.

8. HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Curtains


Lattice Print Thermal Curtains

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These thick lattice print curtains are here to spice up your boho theme decor. These curtains are manufactured with a triple weave innovation to help shield up against the light. They absorb hot and cold waves from entering into your room which in turn helps you save electricity and these curtains even dampen outside noise helping you protect your privacy. The soft, luxurious fabric of the curtain gives it a richly elegant feel. Available in 9 shades and 12 sizes, use these curtains to revamp your living room. 

9. Treatmentex Leaf Print Curtains


Leaf Print Boho Curtains

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Semi-sheer cross-weave decorative linen curtains will boost your ambiance and provide a natural look to your home. The linen-textured background and the leafy design will evidently add a boho touch to your space. These curtains are aesthetically designed to fit in any room. Treatmentex curtains don’t have a complete blackout facility as it allows natural light to pass through it. These are wrinkle-free and are ready to be hung as soon as delivered. Available in 6 shades Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, Navy, and Taupe and in 5 sizes. Grommet top curtains are easy to maintain and durable. 

10. Linen Textured Honeycomb Embroidered Curtain


bohemian curtains

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Honeycomb embroidered geometric design curtain will give your space a complete boho makeover. Made up of linen-blend fabric, the curtain comes in a set of 2. The linen fabric is durable and will add texture when hung. The curtains allow partial privacy as they let natural light enter through it. The gorgeous matte silver geometric design on the curtain adds an elegant finish to it. Jinchan textured curtain is available in 4 colors and 3 different sizes. You can even clean up your curtain in the washing machine with cold water.

11. Deconovo Wave Striped Blackout Curtains 


Wave Striped Blackout Curtains 

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Made of high quality polyester fabric, the curtain is designed in 3 layers the front one is the fabric layer then high-density blackout mater and the last back fabric layer. Each curtain has a silver printed wave striped pattern which will undoubtedly add a touch of perfection to your boho setting, as boho is all about colors and patterns mixed together. And if you are worried about the color the curtain is available in 10 shades other than the basic navy blue theme. The curtain will provide a total blackout and will block the UV rays from entering the room.

12. AIFENTE Door Beaded Curtain


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If you are planning to redecorate your room and design it into a neutral boho space then this might be the curtain for you. Glazed bead curtains with a stunning glittery effect will surely be an eye-catcher in any setup. You can even use these curtains as a medium to beautifully separate two rooms or spaces. You approximately get 6-8 strings per inch so place the order according to how you want the piece to look. Reviewers highly recommend this piece for decoration purposes. The product is available in 6 colors and is definitely worth buying.

13. Yakamok Light Blocking Gradient Color Curtain


Light Blocking Gradient Color Curtain

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The Yakamok multi-function, dip, and dye feature is a trend in Boho decor. It adds a beautiful style and chic pattern and will rock when displayed in any room. The curtain effectively maintains the temperature inside the room, allows partial light to enter, and reduces noise to enjoy a high quality sleep. Made up of soft and silky polyester fabric, it has no chemical coating or toxic odor and is completely environment friendly. The curtain requires ironing after every wash to give a perfect look. Available in 13 vibrant shades, this grommet finished curtain is a value for money. 

14. MIUCO White Sheer Embroidery Curtains


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A stylish decorative sheer curtain with miuco embroidered trellis design is for those who love to have a bohemian vibe in their house. It allows natural light to enter into your room making it bright and warm. The beautifully embroidered curtain can also be paired with some blackout curtains to maintain privacy while receiving natural light.  The curtain will add a natural look to your space. The seller recommends easy care and machine cold wash for this product.

15. Jiyoyo Embroidered Lace Sheer Curtain


Lace Sheer Curtain

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The luxurious European style embroidered transparent curtain is a mix for boho modern decor. The sheer transparent curtain is more of a decorative product and will brighten your room with the natural light. The curtains are suitable for living and bedroom. You can pair it with some dark-colored curtains and keep this one in the middle to have a perfect look. You do have a choice to choose from a range of colors that can go with your decor theme. 

16. Keyu Textile Sheer curtains


Textile Sheer curtains for boho decor

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These sheer curtains have a refreshing look that will be an ideal choice for a neutral hippie look or a boho look. The metallic silver tree branch printed on the curtain gives a stylish and elegant feel to your room. The curtains are available in 7 light shades to give a natural glare to your room. The seller also gives you a 30-day easy return policy which is not offered by any other seller. The curtains don’t provide you a total blackout feature but let only partial light to enter.

17. Linen Textured Jinchan Curtains


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The thick linen-look fabric has a nice textured and elegant look. A mix and match with these curtains will offer your space a boho modern look. The curtains are thermal insulated and help to reduce your electricity cost by lowering the heat transfer. The seller also provides the same color pillow if you want. The curtain blocks enough light so that there is no glare on your screen while binge-watching. Available in 3 solid colors Tan, Blue, and Dark grey, the curtain will be a great dress up for your window.

18. Fragrantex Embroidered Bedroom Curtains


Embroidered  Boho Bedroom Curtains

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These curtains are a little expensive but will surely cheer up your space. The unique silver leaf pattern on the sheer curtain gives an airy look to the room. The premium quality curtain is available in 4 sizes and 1”+2” rod pocket for easy sliding. The leaf embroidery on the curtain is gorgeous and will instantly refresh your room. If you want to have complete privacy you can pair this curtain with a proper blackout curtain and use this one as a decorative piece in the middle.  The fragrantex curtain is available in white, spa blue, linen, and grey color.

19. Chanasya 2-Panel Soft Textured Semi Sheer Curtains


Textured Semi Sheer Curtains

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The polyester blend semi-sheer curtain will add a classy look to your decor style. These curtains allow light to pass through it creating a relaxed atmosphere in your room. The drape 3 in 1 construction offers to hang your curtains in 3 different ways. If you want to hang your curtains using the rings, you may need to buy them separately. The solid color of the curtains gives your room a boho vibe. The curtain is available in various colors so that you can mix and match and find the perfect pair that can suit your interior style.

20. Tribal Curtains by Ambesonne


Tribal Curtains by Ambesonne

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Made with 100% polyester, this pair of curtains can transform your private sanctuary into the best bohemian space ever. Having a silky-soft touch, these curtains are made from cruelty-free and environment-friendly fabric. This particular item is available in many vibrant colors and patterns on Amazon for you to choose from. With such a variety, they can perfectly match your existing home décor, rugs, wall paints, and the rest of your interiors.

21. Large Macramé Curtain for Boho Décor


Large Macramé Curtain

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Macramé curtains are a perfect way to add a bohemian touch to any room. These woven wall hangings offer a texture and personality to a place that you can’t get with anything else. This vintage macramé curtain is made from 100% cotton rope, making a fringed statement piece for any room. It’s perfect for windows, doors, and even for the room partitions. The seller recommends hand-washing this curtain with cold water for a better life.

22. Tulle Window Curtain by Norbi Willow


Tulle Window Curtain

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This curtain is very light and breathable with a sheer look. It’s not for the people who expect their curtains to block light, but it sure adds bohemian expression to your bedroom, living room, and dorm room. It comes with an in-built rod pocket, which makes it easier to hang. This sheer curtain is constructed with beautiful panels and down-flowing leave patterns, giving your room a perfect finishing touch.

23. Room Darkening Mandala Curtains


Room Darkening Mandala Curtains

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If you prefer curtains that block maximum light and keeps your room dark, you should go for this beautiful set if bohemian curtains with the mandala print on it. Made from 100% cotton, they offer the best in terms of quality and durability. The curtains come in black and glittery-golden color that slides easily into any standard curtain rod for effortless installation. The seller recommends dry-cleaning for the best care.

24. Bohemian Style Room Darkening Window Panel Set


Bohemian Style Room Darkening Window Panel Set

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If your hippie soul is craving for bold and eye-catching colors, this paisley damask pattern will make you absolutely happy. It filters the portion of the sunlight and heat to help to darken the room while allowing a little bit of light. It has metal grommets at the top that allows easy installation with any standard curtain rod. It’s safe to wash in a machine, so you don’t have to worry much about the care.

25. Weeping Flowers Boho Room Curtain by Lush Décor


Weeping Flowers Room Curtain

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This bohemian curtain has a calming design with beautiful tangerine and turquoise flowers flowing down from the top. Made from 100% polyester, these floral curtain panels have a 3” rod-pocket making it easy to hang. Its weeping flower design is perfect for any minimalistic bohemian room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining room, or dorm room.

These were our ten picks of best bohemian curtains from Amazon. If you want to explore more designs, visit the collection of boho curtains here.

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