27 Best Housewarming Gifts For Men in 2021

Best housewarming gifts for men

No matter if you’re a guy or a girl, moving to a new place is no less than a thrill ride. It’s full of excitement, adventure, fun, and you have this irresistible zeal for making a new place homey. As wonderful as it may sound, this whole experience can be little overwhelming as well. After all, packing, unpacking, and moving to a new place with all your stuff is not a joke. That gives you a good reason to consider a thoughtful housewarming gift to make this whole transition easy for the homeowner.

So, if your man, or a guy friend, or someone from your family is moving to a new place and throwing a housewarming party, you can make their day worthwhile with a functional and aesthetically pleasing gift. Choosing a housewarming gift for a man or a guy can be challenging. It has to be impressive, little personal, useful, and it shouldn’t clutter the new place. Plus, you really want your gift to stand out. If that’s the case, we are here with 27 most creative ideas for the best housewarming gifts for men.

Let’s find out.

Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

1. James Scott Decanter Set


James Scott Decanter Set

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If he’s a true whiskey fan, this 7-piece decanter set would make a substantial housewarming gift for him. This Italy-made decanter set has a unique style and an old-school feel. The set contains six urbane cocktail glasses and a super-stylish decanter as heavy & balanced as a good scotch. The hourglass design of the decanter allows easy and spill-proof pouring while totally complimenting the, liquor cabinet, dining table, or the mini-bar at house. It comes with an elegant gift box which solves pretty much all your problems.

2. The World Map Canvas Print


World Map Canvas Print housewarming gift men

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A world map, as a home décor, has always been one of our favorite picks, especially for those who love traveling. If he’s a travel freak too, he’d totally admire this 3-piece world map canvas set. This art carries a vintage vibe with its old-style color palette and giclee print over a premium pinewood frame. It makes people want to discuss their old travel memories and future travel plants with such an excitement. The reviewers appreciate how this world map includes minute details and covers the places like Guam, New Zealand, & Hawaii while most world map arts ignore such details.

3. Echo Dot – Smart Speaker With Alexa


Alexa for housewarming gift

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Men love gadgets – no matter what kind. And here’s a popular smart speaker that makes one of the best housewarming gift for guys. The Amazon’s Echo Dot now comes with an attractive LED light that displays time, timers, and the outdoor temperature. It will serve the host in plenty of ways: to set reminders, timers, play the music, get the latest news, and stream songs directly from all major platforms. Plus, it automatically adjusts the brightness at day or night. Unarguably, this smart speaker from Amazon can be a perfect addition a new home. It will definitely make your host’s life better at home. After all, it’s good to have someone at your voice command.

4. Air Purifier With Fragrance Sponge


Air Purifier for housewarming

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You’re looking at an air-purifier system that won’t only filter the dust, pollen, smoke, pollution, but will also fill host’s homes with the fragrance of choice. PARTU HEPA Air Purifier comes with a three-stage filtration system and an activated carbon filter to fill the house with the healthiest air. It also features a fragrance sponge where the user can add a drop of essential oil (not included in package) for an aromatherapy effect. It’s sleek and compact design stunningly compliments the desk and makes a perfect housewarming gift for men.

5. Funny Bathroom Décor


Funny Bathroom Décor - housewarming gift ideas

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Handcrafted in North Carolina, this funny bathroom décor will definitely make his day, every day. It can be used for holding toilet paper and other bathroom décor as shown in the picture. It’s made with real premium quality wood and the letters are handwritten with the high-quality paint that won’t fade with time. Most of the reviewers are so happy that they bought one piece for themselves and few more as gifts. It’s a really cute housewarming gift idea for a guy to get a hard laugh out of him.

6. A Stylish Coffee Maker


Stylish Coffee Maker

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Your host may or may not be a good cook – we don’t know that for sure. But, if you gift him a coffee-maker, he can at least arrange a great coffee whenever you or the rest of his guests decide to show up again. People love coffee. Perhaps that’s why coffee machine has always been one of the most popular house warming gifts ever. It’s functional, one of the must-haves, and really lovable item in a house. If you’re not sure about anything else, go for it and help him get a nice brew every morning.

7. Nightstand Lamp With Wireless Charger & USB Port


nightstand lamp

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A nightstand lamp with the wireless charging – kills two birds with one stone, right? First things first, a man would love this gift as this lamp offers him wireless charging. Using it as a decoration would be a plus for him. The lamp features a beautiful design giving a fresh new look to a bedroom or a living room. The light and charger part of the lamp works separately so user don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on while charging their phone. The lamp shuts-off automatically when the device is fully charged and it’s compatible with the most of the devices.

8. Succulents



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Plants can warm up a new home like nothing else. They bring the sense of belonging and the positivity of nature into a house. They can make a new place more homely and more lovable. Therefore, this assorted collection of 20 succulent plants would be the best housewarming gift for men. They are really cute and easy to care. Do not mind giving a few care tips in case the host is completely new to these plants. Also, consider buying these stylish succulent pots for their better display. We’re pretty much sure they’re the best addition to a new home.

9. A Desk Organizer


Desk Organizer for men

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Does he de-clutter often and love staying organized? This desk organizer could the best gift for him. The best thing? It comes with a mounted wireless charger. Made with solid ash-tree, this organizer has a non-toxic finishing. No more searching for stuff every morning as this stylish helps men keep their daily used things at one place. In addition, this desk organizer has a smart design and beautiful finish that goes perfectly with all kinds of décor- both modern and traditional. So, surprise a man with this gift and he will be thankful.

10. A Coffee Mug Set


Coffee Mug Set for men

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Any man would fall in love with this super-stylish coffee-mug set. Matte black outer surface and glossy finish inside – a dapper combination they’ve got. With the 16 ounces capacity, they don’t only hold enough coffee to satisfy your soul, but also provide ample space for the cream. It’s stain-proof plus a little care can keep them like this for a lifetime. They feature a large handle making it easy to hold the mug and the round design makes it easy to cradle the coffee. These coffee mugs look super rich and luxurious. We definitely recommend buying them.

11. An Oversized Wall Clock


Oversized Wall Clock

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Vintage wall clocks have this amazing tendency to add personality to any space. Have a look at this beautiful over-sized clock. Use it has a headboard art or as a living room wall décor, this clock will spice up the vibe. It’s has a classic flair to it which most of the men love. Furthermore, this statement piece is for both: function and style. We must say it will look better with rustic themes but it can easily adapt to any home decoration theme. You should absolutely consider it has a housewarming gift for a man.

12. Cheeseboard & Knife Set


Cheeseboard & Knife Set

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If the party-host doesn’t have a cheese board and at cutlery at his new residence, this set would make a perfect addition to his house. Crafted with 100% authentic Bamboo Wood, this stylish cheese board has grooved sides to hold nuts, crackers, olives, and your snacks as well. The set also have a hidden drawer with four additional utensils and a cheese knife. The non-porous surface of the board is completely stainless and doesn’t absorb odors. The knives that come with this board are sharp enough to cut through hard cheese blocks and delicate enough to not give you cuts. It could be a great housewarming gift for a man.

13. Scented Candles Gift Set


Candles Gift Set

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From lot of planning, decorating, and moving to throwing a ravishing party, your host might have been through a lot. It might sound all fun, but it gets quite hectic for the one who’s handling all this. You can help them recover from all this stress by gifting him this soothing set of scented candles. It’s a pack of three etched in most stunning matte black glass, engraved with three most uplifting messages – Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Happy – written in gold. Not to mention three most healing fragrances – lavender, eucalyptus, and vanilla – to give him the most calming effect after a long hectic day. Everybody will appreciate a gift like this.

14. Candle & Match Striker Gift Set


Match Striker Gift Set

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This handmade candle and match striker gift set is love. It’s elegant, functional, and creates such a style statement while simply lying on the table. Reviewers highly recommend this set as a housewarming gift or gift for any other occasion. The candle burns very beautifully and produces a really nice scent that slowly scatters in the entire room. The packaging of this product is also very beautiful and classy. If you’re looking for a gift that’s decorative as well as functional at the same time, this could be your perfect pick. We are sure men will love such gifts.

15. Funny Coasters


Funny Coasters

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Coasters are most common housewarming gift that probably everyone thinks of. But, if you’re considerate enough while choosing coasters, you can make your gift stand out than the rest of them. How? Just add a little bit spice to a common gift item. For example, these funny coasters are basic household item, and they can give your host and his guests a good laugh with the funny texts written over them. Who knows how many stories can be made with the conversations started from such coasters. You should definitely consider buying these for men. They’d love them.

16. Pyramid Hanging Terrarium with Stand


Pyramid Hanging Terrarium with Stand

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Both men and women are bound to fall in love with this beautiful hanging terrarium in pyramid shape. This stunning piece of art features a clear glass base help by golden pyramid frame. It comes with a stand and could be easily placed on center-table or anywhere you like. The new homeowner can use this stunning stand for succulents, cacti, candles, air plants, and he’d totally fall in love with this contemporary piece. Now, don’t rob him of showing off his interior design skills with this artistic terrarium stand. Go for it.

17. Terrarium Container Set


Terrarium Container Set

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Since we loved the previous one, we decided to add one more to the list. Isn’t it beautiful? This simple and elegant set-of-three mini terrarium in globe, triangular, and teardrop shape is love. It’s a perfect tabletop setting to create a unique style statement in a new house – and hence a perfect housewarming gift for anyone. The clear glass and golden frame adds up to the beauty of this perfect gift set. It will add a chic and dainty accent to any room. Whether user it as a centerpiece in loving room, dining table, or a coffee table, it will always leave guests impressed. Anybody would love these perfect mini terrariums for their home.

18. Wall Mounted Wine Rack


Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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If he has a decent wine collection at his home, he’d totally appreciate a functional wine rack as a housewarming gift. This beautifully crafted wine rack is made to store and hold all your wine essentials including bottles, corks, and glasses as well. It’s a fully-fledged and self-organized rack to store wine in style. It’s such a perfect gift for the occasions like this. If you are thinking about a gift idea for a wine-lover, there is no point in having second-thoughts over this piece.

19. A Sandwich Maker


A Sandwich Maker

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This one’s a gift a man will always be thankful for: an easy sandwich maker. If he barely has time for breakfast or is too lazy to cook, get him this easy breakfast maker already. He can use this device to make a perfect customized sandwich with his choice of bread and other ingredients. It is great machine for cooking Paleo and KETO snacks as well. Do mention to your host that he must seller’s website to check 25 innovative recipes he can make with this breakfast maker. All the parts are removable and can be washed separately. It would make quite a useful gift for sure.

20. Bohemian Floor Pillows


Bohemian Floor Pillows

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Bohemian décor has a vibe that’s hard to resist. A number of men like bohemian style. If he does too, you can consider these bohemian floor pillows as a housewarming gift for him. First, it will make any space look vintage and cultured. Second, it will provide a comfortable sitting if the host finds few extra guests in his house. Third, these floor cushions can be used anywhere – the living room, bedroom, lounge area, and even the outdoor patio. They’re multi-functional and stylish – both at the same time.

21. LED Floor Lamp


LED Floor Lamp

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A person always has an extra space in their home for a floor lamp no matter what. Both men and women fancy floor lamp for their home décor. There are very high chances that the new homeowner hasn’t bought one yet. It gives you a golden chance to complete their home décor with a statement floor lamp. Have a look at this enigmatic piece – it has all the elements to become the center of attraction. It will look good in bedroom, living room, dining area, or anywhere the homeowner like.

22. Echo Show 5


Echo Show 5

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Are you close enough to the homeowner and want to keep him a video call away? This gadget is surprisingly helpful. The stylish Echo Show comes with a 5.5-inch smart display that can help a person manage his day, get daily dose of entertainment, and stay connected with the friends and family. It will be the best housewarming gift choice for a guy who is more into gadgets and love these kinds of gifts. Echo Show 5 comes with an adjustable stand making it very convenient to use. It can be used to watch movies, TV shoes, news, and even recipe videos while cooking. It works on a voice command and can be your host’s very own personal assistant.

23. Bathroom Accessories Set


Bathroom Accessories Set For Homeowners

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Made from priceless porcelain, this ceramic bath set can bring poise and sophistication into a bathroom while keeping it organized. It’s a timeless package of bathroom accessories that include a dispenser, soap dish, tooth brush holder, and two tumblers. All the items in the package are nicely designed to give bathroom a luxurious feel. Handcrafted by seasoned artisans, this bathroom set is absolutely made to impress. It is definitely a considerable housewarming gift for men.

24. Geometric Throw Pillow Covers


Geometric Throw Pillow Covers As Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Cushion covers are always welcomed in a home. They sure might have pillows with covers at home, but everybody appreciates a change every once in a while. These premium quality geometric pillow covers are made for manly spaces and thus make one of the best housewarming gifts for men. They come with a zipper making it easy to insert the pillows and keep them in place. The colors are great too as they can go with any kind of décor.

25. Indoor Relaxation Fountain


Indoor Relaxation Fountain

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This decorative tabletop fountain is the best centerpiece for a living room table. Having such a quiet and relaxed built-up, this illuminated fountain can make any space look absolutely stunning. The pump in the fountain keeps the water running to keep the fountain complete and prevent the build-up of algae. The artistic design of this fountain is inspired from Asian culture and features a 3-tiered leaves design that helps the water stream down peacefully. Your host can de-stress after a long tiring day with the help of this soothing sound.

26. A Stylish Area Rug


Stylish Area Rug

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A rug can be both stylish and useful housewarming gift idea for both guys and girls. And this geometrical area rug is perfect to make any new home seem more comfy and inviting. It’s natural color, geometrical pattern, and modern design makes it perfect for any kind of décor. Furthermore, it’s water-resistant, stain resistant, and shred-free, that adds up to its quality. The design looks great in men’s bedroom as well as living rooms.

27. Wall Art


Wall Art as housewarming gift

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Any home would make a little place for these beautiful minimalist paintings spreading love. The design are lovable, the quality is great, colors are perfectly basic, and the whole art is dapper – a guy would definitely love it has a housewarming gift. It is perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathrooms. 86% buyers have given this artwork 5-star rating and they are in love. Some of them even claim that these frames look better in person. We are also amazed looking at the customer images to find out how this minimalist art makes any space stand out.

These were our best recommendations for buying man a perfect housewarming gift. Most of the ideas mentioned above are under $50 and hence you can buy the best gift without hurting your pocket much.

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