Best Mattresses For Pregnancy in 2021

Best Mattresses For Pregnancy

Being pregnant is the most joyous feeling for a mother in the world. But it comes with some unexpected changes that make you feel exhausted and restless most of the time. During pregnancy, when you start gaining weight, you tend to bend backward, which creates sleeping issues and back pains.

Why is comfortable sleep important during pregnancy?

Clinical experts around the world concur that sleep is fundamental to having a sound mind and body for the mother and her child. When the first trimester begins, numerous pregnant ladies start to feel drained. This is your body’s way of telling you that you need a lot of comfortable sleep and rest. Pregnant women are frequently encouraged to take evening rests and sound sleep during the night. As you proceed to the second and third trimester, the requirement for quality rest becomes increasingly apparent.

As reported in surveys, around 75% of pregnant ladies battle to get quality rest, particularly during the last trimester. A full bladder, body pain, and snoring are a couple of reasons why pregnant ladies find it difficult to sleep during the night. Some pregnant ladies even experience mental health issues, uneasiness, and also fits of anxiety during their growth period. It becomes even harder to locate a decent position to sleep when you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy. And by chance, if your mattress is old and or very stiff, you’ll be deprived of sleep and stay tired all day.

What type of mattress should be preferred for pregnancy?

Getting a good sleep during pregnancy is like a dream for every mother. Fortunately, there are mattresses and pillows specifically designed for women going through pregnancy. The right bedding can have an enormous impact on the quality of your sleep. The memory foam mattress is well known for dividing the body weight, so you don’t need to adjust all night long. It is scientifically proven that women during pregnancy should sleep on their left-hand side because that enables a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta and takes the pressure off the inferior Vena cava allowing a better circulation of blood around the mother and fetus.

If you are searching for the best mattress for pregnancy, then you are in the right place. We’ve covered some of the best maternity mattresses for you.

Top 10 Pregnancy Mattresses On Amazon

1. SweetNight Breeze Mattress – Best Overall


SweetNight Breeze Mattress

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The SweetNight Breeze mattress is the ultimate definition of comfort and luxury. Designed in a three-layer zone system – 3″ gel-infused memory foam to adjust to your body weight and keep you cool and comfortable all night, 3.5″ ventilated airflow foam design, to make it cushiony and provide enhanced support, and a 5.5″ high-density foam for proper back comfort, resisting sagging and roll-off.

The comfort layers of this 12-inch memory foam mattress provide relief from back pain and help with spinal alignment for the side, back, and stomach, which provides relief and reduces pain during pregnancy. Made up of 5% Rayon, 30% Viscose, and 65% Polyester, the SweetNight breeze mattress can fit in all kinds of bed frames. Gel Memory Foam provides full support helping to dissipate body heat designed to pull heat from your body. Their breathable foam has millions of open cells acting as airway chambers. They allow maximum airflow, so the foam breathes for unbeatable temperature regulation. Whether you sleep alone or next to your partner, the mattress is the perfect blend of comfort and motion separation for undisturbed sleep.

The mattress is available in full, Queen, and king size and offers a 10-year no-risk warranty with it. The seller recommends to unpack and allow 72 hours to return the mattress to its original shape. Reviewers say this is the best-priced mattress you can get with real quality.

2. TUFT & NEEDLE Mattress – Best Pressure Relief Mattress


TUFT & NEEDLE Pregnancy Mattress

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The TUFT & NEEDLE mattress is a perfect balance between firm and push. Medium-firm cushioned T&N original mattress is designed in 2 layers – 2.5″ T&N Adaptive foam and 5.5″ polyurethane foam. Foam use is more advanced and pulls away from the heat with the help of cooling graphite and gel.

The mattress’s open cell structure provides a flexible surface that adjusts with your body movement all night long. The foam is engineered in such a way that it provides relief from pressure pain, reducing the pain in pregnant women. The T&N original mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are free from any harmful chemical substance.

This mattress is compatible with most bed frames and box springs. The piece is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, and California king. The foam construction of the mattress is comfortable for all sleeping positions. The company also offers a no-risk 100-night sleep trial.

3. Amore Beds Mattress – Best Flippable Mattress


Flippable pregnancy matrress

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Flippable 2-sided Amor bed mattress is firm on one side and a little softer on the other, making it a premium mattress. No matter which side you prefer, the custody foam blend will provide fantastic support, relieve pressure points, and keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Designed in 10 layers, each layer has its unique functionality to keep you cool and calm all night. It contains super cooling elements made with certified foams free of flame retardants and heavy metals and an organic wool blend to provide flame resistance.

The ten layer structure of the mattress is pure relaxing bliss that helps in maintaining long-lasting support for any sleep position. The Amor Beds mattress has cushion pressure points to promote blood flow through the body to ensure a night of sound sleep. Some of the industry’s leading premium materials have been used in the construction of this mattress to help alleviate back pain by targeting pressure points for pregnant women.

The flippable mattress is available in twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California king sizes. The piece is hypoallergenic and will never feel bad about your skin. Though the product is slightly higher priced than others on the list, the reviewers highly recommend buying this one.

4. S Secretland Mattress – Best Price Mattress


S Secretland Mattress

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Hundreds of durable pocket spring coils support the S Secretland memory foam mattress. The tempered steel coil system provides support to each part of your body, catering to your vertebral well. The mattress is infused with gel memory foam with 3D soft knitted fabric on the top to increase the comfort level. The 3D knitted layer increases the comfort level and allows the mattress to breathe freely, allowing you to have a restful sleep.

The comfort layers of memory foam help pregnant women reduce back pain and provide support to their vertebrae. The additional airflow helps to maintain the cooling and circulate the air throughout the mattress. The mattress has reinforced foam and tightly knit edges to prevent falling off along the edges.

S Secretland mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and come with a 10-year warranty. The mattress is available in Full, Queen, and king sizes.

5. Olee Sleep Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress


Olee Sleep Mattress For Pregnancy

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Our next pick is Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress. A 5 layer pocket spring, memory foam construction model that quickly adapts to your body shape and temperature. The unique tempered steel independently-encased coils help to reconcile the curves of your body, creating an equal weight distribution that allows pregnant women to ease any pressure points along the neck, shoulder, or hips. These coils have another added advantage of eliminating motion disturbance.

To make the mattress last longer, the coils are protected by multi HD and memory foam layers, which in turn adds incredible comfort. The quilted fiber cover of the mattress helps to upgrade the comfort level. The mattress is both soft and firm, which provides exceptional support and increases durability.

Reviewers recommend allowing a maximum of 48 hours to allow the mattress to come into shape fully. The piece is available in full, Queen, and King sizes. We strongly advise you to remove the plastic film from the mattress within 72 hours.

6. Zinus Olive Oil Hybrid Mattress – Best Premium Mattress


Zinus Olive Oil Hybrid Mattress

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This premium hybrid mattress is manufactured on the land that brought us pizzas and fashion – Italy. The mattress has finely crafted 4-inch layers of olive oil-infused memory foam, and individually8 inch pocketed springs for plush comfort and supportive pressure-relief. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers and pregnant women. The thick foam provides edge support, and it is more comfortable to sit on and get up during pregnancy.

The mattress is OEKO-TEX certified and is free from any harmful chemicals. The bed is ideal for hot sleepers as the layers don’t have a cooling gel. According to the reviewers, the fact they love about this mattress is that it has handles on both sides, making it far easier to manage.

The Zinus Olive oil Hybrid mattress is efficiently compressed, rolled, and delivered on your doorsteps. The mattress can support a maximum weight of 500lbs and comes with a 10-year worry-free warranty.

7. Ashley Hybrid Mattress – Best Wrapped Coil Mattress


Ashley Hybrid Mattress for Pregnancy

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Chime by Ashley is the world’s best Hybrid mattress for your back. With the Ashley Sleep Chime innerspring mattress, there are endless possibilities for restful sleep. The mattress features gel memory foam to provide therapeutic support for your lower back, upholstery grade comfort support foam, and 680 individual power packed wrapped coils for maximum lumbar support.

During pregnancy, women experience the frequent need to visit the loo to urinate. The medium-firm construction of the mattress will provide pregnant women enough support to get out of bed more frequently. Made up of hypoallergenic material, which is ideal for sufferers of allergies for ultimate undisturbed sleep–not to mention peace of mind. The mattress is made up of Acrylic (11 %) Filament Poly (11 %) Para-Aramid Fiber (5 %) Polyester (20 %) Viscose (53 %).

The mattress is available in Twin, Full, King, Queen, and California King size with the styling of 8, 10, and 12 inches, respectively. The Ashley hybrid mattress is compatible with all bases and frame sizes. The seller recommends using only vacuums for cleaning and no other liquids or chemicals as they may damage comfort and upholstery materials.

8. AmazonBasics Premium Mattress – Best Memory Foam


AmazonBasics Premium Mattress

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Experience a blissful night of rest with the AmazonBasics Premium Hybrid Mattress. This plush bed offers memory foam with the breathability and bounce of an innerspring coil foundation that prevents it from slipping along the edges. The mattress provides remarkable support that helps to keep your body’s shape while you are asleep. Reviewers say that it is the best mattress for pregnancy as it helps mitigate joint strain and reduce pressure on your body while you rest.

The premium mattress features multiple layers for unbeatable comfort, and the AmazonBasics hybrid mattress has effective airflow channels that keep you cool all night long. The mattress quilt uses aloe vera infused fabric for a smooth feel and a comfortable sleep.

The premium mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, FULL, King, Queen, and California king styles with 10 and 12-inch sizes. The mattress is ideal for a master or guest bedroom, and the hybrid memory foam mattress is an ideal choice for a modern home. People who have used this mattress say that they love the support on the edges of the bed when you sit, and the support seems to be consistent throughout the mattress.

9. Avenco Foam Mattress – Best Maternity Mattress


Avenco Foam Mattress - Pregnancy mattress

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Say goodbye to back pain with Avenco premium mattresses, the high-density base foam of this product relieves pressure points. It conforms to your body, providing unparalleled support during the night. The 12-inch memory foam mattress is embedded with gel-infused foam so that it doesn’t feel hot while sleeping during pregnancy. Reviewers say it’s an ideal mattress for pregnancy as the gel foam adjusts the mattress temperature to give you a comfortable night’s sleep during a hot and humid climate.

A layer of memory foam creates a plush for a comfortable and restful sleep. The Avenco foam mattress is designed with the latest in sleep technology for safe and chemical-free surroundings. The piece comes wrapped in a knitted fabric cover for a smooth and luxurious feel.

The Avenco Fireproof mattress is manufactured under strict quality control measures and offers you a 100-night free trial and 10-year warranty. The mattress is available in Full, California king, and Queen sizes.

10. Linenspa Mattress – Best Posh Hybrid Mattress


Linenspa Mattress - Best Pregnancy Mattress

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The 10-inch hybrid mattress comes with a platform bed frame and the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. It also comes with the comfort of memory foam for a medium-firm feel. Memory foam conforms to your body and aligns the spine for comfort that leaves you rested and pain-free. The mattress is the best choice for side sleepers as the memory foam cushions the body, which in turn offers support to side sleepers.

The mattress proves to be helpful for pregnant women as they mostly prefer to sleep on their sides to provide support to the stomach. The mattress combines 3 layers: Memory foam, Comfort foam, and Innersprings. The high-quality strings provide support to your body and prevent slagging.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and is not made with any harmful chemical materials. The mattress will be compressed, rolled, and delivered in a box, allowing 48-72 hours to regain its original shape. The product comes in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Short Queen, Full, King, and California king sizes with 8, 10, and 12-inch styles.

Things to consider while choosing the perfect pregnancy mattress

Pregnancy is a happy feeling in a parent’s life. During this course, the body goes through various changes that affect your daily roster. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings in a woman’s life can be challenging at times, both physically and emotionally. Most pregnant women report that they experience sleep issues and back pains during pregnancy. The duration of 9 months is a long time. It is mandatory to ensure that you have the best pregnancy mattress to have a comfortable and sound sleep.

These points will help you choose best pregnancy mattress for you:

1. Thickness

The thickness of the mattress is more of personal concern. But it is observed that women prefer a thicker mattress during pregnancy. The thickness of the mattress helps them sit down and get up more easily and provides additional support while sitting.

2. Temperature

Women always say they feel like a hot ball during pregnancy because of an increase in the amount of blood in their body and an increase in the metabolic rate.

A mattress with a cooling gel foam layer can help maintain a neutral temperature while you are asleep regardless of the temperature outside.

3. Firmness

People usually seek for a mattress that has a combination of both a little softness and some firmness. Any mattress that is too soft or too firm can cause back pain and sleeping issues. Medium firms are the best mattresses for pregnancy as they support your vertebrae well and provide edge support that helps you get out of bed without putting in much effort.

4. Restricted Motion

As mentioned earlier, pregnant women experience sleeping issues that might cause disturbances in their partners’ sleep. Mattress constructed with memory foam and an encased coil can eliminate motion disturbance.

Take care of you and your little one during this wonderful period full of challenges and surprises. Happy sleeping till your little bundle of joy pops out.

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