Best Meat Slicers of 2021 – For Commercial & Home Use

Best Meat Slicers

If you are a meat lover, the chances are you already know the struggle of getting perfect slices for your salami. Slicing meat with the knife can be pretty tough. But, with the introduction of electric meat slicers in the market, the meat-slicing job has become quite quick and easy. No wonder the meat slicers have become mandatory tools for commercial as well as home kitchens. The best past is – the function of this dynamic appliance isn’t just limited to meat, these electric slicers can slice bread, cheese, fruits, veggies, and whatnot. 

If you are a restaurant or a cafe owner and are looking for a commercial electric slicer or a family man looking for a compact and lightweight food slicer for household purposes, we have listed the best for you.  

Best Commercial Meat Slicers

Check out the list of some of the best meat slicers of 2020 available on Amazon and if you find any difficulty in selecting the appliance then you can refer to our buyer’s guide section. 

1. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Commercial Meat Cheese Food Slicer


Premium Commercial Meat Cheese Food Slicer

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An excellent 240W powerful, commercial slicer is an ideal choice for use in restaurants and cafes. The steel blade is coated with premium chromium to protect it from rusting. The beswood slicer is not just for slicing meat, but can also be used for slicing veggies, cheese, and bread. An attached pair of sharpening stones maintain the consistency of the blade so that you don’t need to frequently sharpen it. 

The slicer is a bit pricey, but the premium features of the commercial meat food slicer make it a worthy buy. Equipped with a premium V belt for noise reduction and to ensure the safety of the user, the feet of the appliance are covered with skidproof rubber and the blade is covered with a ring guard. Reviewers love this appliance and highly recommend using it. 

2. KWS Commercial Electric Meat Slicer


WS Commercial Electric Meat Slicer

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Made up of an Aluminum alloy base, the semi-automatic meat slicer is smooth, quick, and effortless to use. Equipped with 320W motor power, this electric slicer is recommended for perfect meat slicing up to 0-10mm thickness using adjustment controls. The appliance has a wonderful built-in whetstone sharpener and a ring guard for the blade for a safer experience. 

The machine is highly durable and rust-resistant. A waterproof on/off switch is built separately to prevent any damage. The product tray is long enough so it can easily carry ample amounts of meat or cheese slices. The tray can also be removed for a convenient cleaning session. The motor and the power transformer is durable and is highly efficient in delivering the power required for constant slicing and also preventing any short circuit. 

3. Best Choice Product Commercial Meat/Food Slicer


Commercial Meat/Food Slicer

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The premium food slicer is specially designed for commercial use. The appliance is so efficient that it slices without breaking down the muscle fiber structure and can slice pieces up to 0-17mm thickness, you can adjust the thickness according to your preference using the numerical scale knob. 

The slicer is a bit heavy and weighs around 50 pounds, so to make it safe and convenient to use for its buyers, it has rubber feet for a table, heat output hole to discharge heat, dual handle system for effortless slicing. The product contains a manual that explains to the users how to use it and also the cleaning process. According to the reviewers, the machine is not difficult to use and clean and just takes 20 minutes to get properly cleaned. 

4. Zica 10″ Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Slicer


Zica 10" Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Slicer

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The 18.9 x 16.1 x 14.2 inches, chrome-plated with a carbon steel blade, is a multi-function electric food slicer. The electric appliance is apt for slicing meat, ham, fruit, veggies, and cheese. Slicer adjustable up to size 12 mm, the 150W driven sharp cutting blade will help you in getting consistent and perfect slices for your dish. The waterproof switch at the corner of the appliance will protect both the user and the slicer from any mishappening. 

The plastic handle at the side helps to maintain the grip while slicing the meat. The item weighs less than other commercial electric slicers on this list. The body of the appliance is made up of aluminum and carbon steel which makes it sturdy and durable. 

5. VIVOHOME Electric Meat Slicer Machine for Commercial Use


Electric Meat Slicer Machine for Commercial Use

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Made up of high-quality aluminum materials, this premium commercial slicer is what every kitchen needs. You don’t even have to worry about sharpening the blade because the appliance is equipped with 2 whetstones which will constantly sharpen the stainless steel blade for years. VIVOHOME Electric Meat Slicers gives tough competition to other brands in terms of power and speed. The 320W powerful motor slices food in 425RPM making the process real quick. 

As the safety of the users is the first priority of the manufacturers, the appliance is ETL and NSF certified. The package includes a slicer and a manual that explains to you the working of an electric slicer and how to quickly clean it.

Best Meat Slicers For Home:

1. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli 0 Food Slicer


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A premium quality sleek, compact electric deli slicer is an ideal choice for home use. The solid space-saving design of this appliance makes it easy to store at home and saves space on countertops. The 180W powerful motor allows food to easily slide through the slicer. The multi-purpose food slicer is available in black and stainless steel color. You get a blade safety guard, food pusher, non-slip feet, adjustable thickness dial, and a removable 7.5” stainless steel blade for just $69.99. The removable blade feature makes cutting easier and is also helpful in cleaning the appliance. 

The appliance is the first choice of many households because of its compact design and competitive price. The electric meat slicer comes with a 1-year hassle-free warranty and is also approved by CETL for long-lasting durability. The product is also Amazon’s choice for a jerky slicer. 

2. OSTBA 7.5” Electric Deli Food Slicer


OSTBA 7.5” Electric Deli Food Slicer

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The OSTBA electric food slicer is perfect for a household with young children because it comes with child lock protection switches to ensure full safety, so to operate it you need to press the safety and power button together. Equipped with a thickness knob, so that you can enjoy your customized slices. 

The 150W powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blade give you the perfect slice in every round. The strong suction foot of the appliance ensures that it remains stable while operating. 

Earlier the appliance was designed in such a way that cleaning it was a tough job. But after considering the reviews from users, the company has updated the design, and now it comes with a removable slide-rod extension for an easy cleaning process. 

3. CukAid Electric Meat Slicer Machine


CukAid Electric Meat Slicer Machine

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Be more efficient and make your work easier with a CukAid 180W electric meat slicer. Some unique features of the appliance include a removable blade, food carriage, and a food pusher. These parts are even dishwasher safe, which makes your work easier in the kitchen. The 7.5-inch stainless steel 420 ceramic coated cutting blade is not seen in any other meat slicer. 

While most electric food slicers are equipped with diameter adjustments of up to 0.59-inch inches, this CukAid food slicer can adjust to a thickness of 0.87inches which is by far the most adjustable range on the market until now. The brand also holds the most advanced patented bearing and belt transmission for the proper working of the blade. 

The multi-function electric slicer is not only great for slicing meat but also works best in slicing sandwiches, hard cheese, ham, beef, and bread. 

4. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer


Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

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The pro-meat slicer also has a 7.5inches stainless steel blade and a removable carriage. The professional food slicer has a heavy-duty 130W motor for a quick process. The premium slicer is a great addition to any kitchen. With premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing, the appliance becomes highly durable and sturdy.  

The appliance comes with a limited 5-year warranty and only weighs 11 pounds so it can easily be adjusted in kitchen cupboards or at the countertop itself. The product has a very reasonable price and is really convenient to operate and clean. 

Pro Tip: Partially freeze the meat to be sliced before using this electric meat slicer. The slices will come out perfectly.

5. Elite Platinum Ultimate Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer 


Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer 

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The elite platinum electric meat slicer is designed to help you save money and time. Why visit shops when you can have your own compact food slicer at home itself? A user-friendly food slicer is a multi-purpose appliance that lets you slice your favorite food be it hard cheese, frozen meat, or ham. 

The meat slicer is made up of premium quality, and the rigor cut slicer is rustproof and highly durable. Be it thick or thin slices, this elite platinum ultimate food slicer can do it all. The rubber feet provide a stable structure. The manufacturer has clearly mentioned all the safety and how to use guidelines with this product, so give it a read before using the product for an ultimate slicing experience. 

How To Pick Right Meat Slicer For Your Needs: A Buyer’s Guide

Before you pick any meat slicer, make sure you get your requirements straight. We have discussed some parameters here that would come handy while purchasing an electric meat/food slicer. 

  • Type of Slicer

The type of slicer will depend upon your usage. Usually, restaurants and other dining places go for a heavy and high power commercial electric slicer because the frequency of using the appliance, in this case, is more. Whereas for household purposes you need a light and compact slicer that could easily fit up on your countertop.

  • Power

A minimum amount of power is required for any appliance to function smoothly. The 120 – 200W motor is perfect for slicing frozen meat, vegetables, or cheese. A lower power consumption slicer will be restricted in slicing a variety of foods. 

  • Blade

There are two types of blades you’ll find online in these electric slicers, one is smooth and the other is a serrated blade. Both these blades carry their own pros and cons. The smooth blade is useful in cutting vegetables and lean meat while the serrated blades are good for cutting hard frozen cheese or meat. 

  • Blade Thickness

There are many types of appliances available in the market. Some are specifically designed for thin slicing and some thicker slices. In order to be fully satisfied with your purchase, try considering some particular slicers that have adjustment knobs, so be it thin or thicker slices, you’ll get it customized according to your preference. 

  • Cleaning process

This is also a major concern while buying an electric food slicer, as these appliances are very complicated so the cleaning process also becomes a task. Try looking for models with removable parts so that they can be quickly cleaned without any hassle. 

Wrapping up

A premium quality meat slicer can be a quick game changer for your recipe. The appliance not only saves time and energy but also helps the food to be more presentable and clean. These electric slicers are the best multi-function tool for any kitchen.

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