Prettiest Pink Tapestries You Can Get Online

best pink tapestries online

Agree or not – most girls on this planet fancy the color PINK like nothing else. Whether it’s about getting a new outfit or redoing their room, they all want something pink to make it prettier. We can never understand girls and their obsession with the pink color. Perhaps it’s their guilty pleasure, or maybe it soothes them to their soul. Whatever the reason is, they’ve got their choices pretty straight.

Therefore, following my previous article on the best dorm room tapestries, we got many requests for doing one more with the best pink wall tapestries. So, we didn’t waste another second and put our team on research to create the finest and prettiest pink tapestry collection for you.

Best Pink Tapestries – 15 Best Finds from Amazon

1. Pink Cactus Girly Tapestry


Pink Cactus Girly Tapestry

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If you have a white room with the shades and hues of pink, this tapestry will add more pop and colors to it. It features beautifully painted cactus plants to make any room look warmer and attractive. Install it in your bedroom, dorm room, or living room; this work-of-art is sure to catch some eyes with its pleasing design.

Size: 51” x 59”

2. Good Vibes Only – Pink & White Tapestry


Pink & White Tapestry Good Vibes Only

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It’s time to attract some more good vibes into your room by letting the message out in the universe with the help of this trendy tapestry. This pink and white tapestry has a very cool design and an attractive color combination to bring some vibrant décor to your room. Use it as a wall hanging, a beach towel, or a decorative blanket; this tapestry is a perfect style-statement all the way.

Size: 80” x 60”

3. Indian Mandala Pink & Grey Tapestry


Indian Mandala Pink & Grey Tapestry

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Mandala tapestries are in trend because of their deeper spiritual meaning. You can use this pink and grey mandala tapestry to bring more artistic touch to your room. Made from non-toxic & super-comfy material, you can use this tapestry as a wall-hanging, bed sheet, yoga mat, table cloth, and even a beach towel.

Size: 59” x 51”, 59” x 59”, 82” x 59”, and 92” x 71” 

4. Women Driving Pink Car Tapestry


women driving car tapestry

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We totally love this beautiful art print of a woman driving a floral pink car. It’s a rare piece of art where the designer has set such a high bar for creativity. Hang it in your dorm room, bedroom, or living room; it will surely add an incredible charm to your place. 

Size: 60” x 80”, 60” x 40”, & 60” x 90”

5. Bad Hair Day Tapestry


Bad Hair Day Tapestry

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The colors, design, and quotation – everything is so perfect about this tapestry, and it makes so much sense to every girl out there. This tapestry can help transform the essence of your room with its colorful natural luxury ancient landscape design. 

Size: 60” x 80”

6. WallSty Original in This House Wall Tapestry


WallSty Original in This House

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This modern art tapestry design features a savage text over a light pink fabric. It has the coolest girly design and ability to make any bland place look a whole lot of better. It’s perfect for a dorm room, bedroom, kitchen, and hallway decorations.

Size: 80” x 60”

7. Flower Art Pink & White Tapestry


Flower Art Pink & White Tapestry

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Whether you want to transform your bedroom, dorm room, or office space, this pink flower tapestry is probably the prettiest pick for you. It is a high-definition girly tapestry made with soft, durable, and skin-friendly material to give your wall a soothing view. This flower is one of the finest artwork with minimal use of colors.

Size: 58″ x 79″

8. Kissing Lovers Pink Wall Tapestry


Kissing Lovers Pink Wall Tapestry

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What could be more beautiful than art celebrating love! Look at this beautiful wall tapestry featuring a kissing couple giving rise to “Hell of an Art.” It could be the center of attraction for your room if you just hang it on one of your walls, right? Well, if you think the same, you should get this tapestry to decorate your walls with the perfect fusion of love and art.

Size: 58” x 79”

9. Pink and Yellow Summer Tapestry


Pink and Yellow Summer Tapestry

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If you have always admired the sun, mountains, and vivid colors – this piece of art is the combination of all those. It will make you fall in love with its rare beauty and distinct colors, leading to an incredibly charming view. Who knew the sky and mountains could be pink and yellow? Use it as a curtain, wall hanging, or a sheet; this tapestry will be the missing element you’ve been longing for.

Size: 80” x 60”

10. Pink and Gray Peony Flower Tapestry


pink and grey tapestry

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If floral prints are one of your favorite things in this world, this tapestry will sure steal your heart with its beautiful floral pattern. Delicately sewn with hands, this peony flower tapestry is crafted to perfection with neatly finished edges. You can use this tapestry on your bedroom, living room, or office as it matches with various color themes of your furniture, rugs, and other home décor accessories.

Size: 59.1” x 51.2”, 59.1” x 59.1”, & 82.7” x 59.1”

11. Sky Gradient – Blush Pink & Blue Tapestry


Blush Pink & Blue Tapestry

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Brighten and lighten up any space with this beautiful pink and blue gradient sky painted over a non-toxic and super-smooth fabric to make a perfect wall hanging. This tapestry uses simple colors yet stands out as the most beautiful accessory for wall décor. You can also use this tapestry as a bedsheet, curtain, or picnic blanket. It’s best for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Size: 80” x 60”

12. Pink World Map Tapestry


Pink World Map Tapestry

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World map has always been a best-seller when it comes to wall décor. People love world map wall paints, stickers, and other wall hangings like tapestries. Here’s the one in pink. Well, not just pink, this world map tapestry has few other colors, but it’s one of the most beautiful tapestries we found on Amazon. It’s perfect for your living room, dorm room, bedroom, and even your office space. What do you think?

Size: 50”x60” & 60”x80”

13. Pastel Pink Tapestry with White Clouds


Pastel Pink Tapestry with White Clouds

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We cannot help but notice how delicate and exquisite those white clouds look over the baby pink sky. An effortless design, yet it is making it so hard to get your eye off this gorgeous tapestry. It’s appealing, attractive, and a very calming view to have in your bedroom. You can also place it in your child’s room for a happier and calming vibe. 

Size: 51.2” x 59.1”

14. Let That Shit Go Tapestry


Let That Shit Go Tapestry

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Everybody needs motivation every once in a while to let go of all the toxic things that are holding you back. Why not let your home décor accessories do it for you? It’s a great tapestry with a great message to bring the greatest vibes in your room.

Size: 80” x 60”

15. To Travel Is To Live Pink World Map Tapestry


To Travel Is To Live Pink World Map Tapestry

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Here comes the world map tapestry again – this time with only pink color and a beautiful quote: “To travel is to live.” Made from high quality spun polyester, this is the pinkest and vibrant world map tapestry you’ll ever find.

Size: 26”x36”, 51”x60”, 68”x80”, & 88”x104”

These were the fifteen best designs we tried to find from Amazon. We tried to include every type of design to meet the various needs of our readers. If you like the designs above, do let us know in the comment section.

Thank you!

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