Best Wall Art for Men’s Bedroom in 2021

wall decor for men's bedroom

Men act a little sophisticated as compared to women when it comes to decorating their bedroom. While girls have their unique way of creating a “cozy lil’ bedroom” with a lot of throw pillows, flower paintings, plush rugs; masculine spaces are not that simple. They often want their bedroom to reflect their style, passion, personality, and whatever drives them. Whether it’s abstract art, sports posters, motivational quotes, everything in their bedroom holds a deep meaning for them. Considering everything a man can relate to, we have compiled a list of best wall art for men’s bedroom.

Sophisticated Wall Art for Men – Top 15 Finds From Amazon

1. Black & White Canvas Art of Kissing Couple


Black & White Canvas Art of Kissing Couple

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This beautiful canvas art has all the potential in the world to take you and your guests by surprise. It can be an elegant centerpiece of your bedroom that outlines a bold style and reflects a strong personality. Your visitors will envy the chic way that this gorgeous artwork adds a unique style and personality to your room. This painting goes best with white and grey shades in the bedroom. You can enrich your bedroom décor with this ready-to-hang HD resolution painting stretched and stapled to a fine pinewood frame.

2. Metal World Map For Your Nomadic Soul



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This metallic piece of the world map is the perfect artwork for a guy’s room. If you love travelling and exploring the unpaved paths of this mysterious world, you will be able to reflect your personality and passion for traveling with this beautiful piece of art. It goes best with dark color shades, especially charcoal black and dark grey. Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, this metal map is quite easy to hang and install. If you’re worried about its conductivity, let me assure you that’s this map is shock and pressure resistant.

3. Rustic American Flag Canvas Wall Art

Rustic American Flag Canvas Wall Art

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If patriotism runs through your veins, you’d love this kind of wall art in your room. This men’s room wall art comes in five different canvas frames where each panel has a black hook which makes it easy to hang and mount. This patriotic concept of wall art reflects a strong personality and fearlessness. This wall art uses inkjet printing technique and features illustriously detailed prints using superior quality ink, making sure that the print doesn’t fade with time. Once you install it in your bedroom, you’ll get an authentic art gallery vibe in there.

4. Oversized Wall Clock by Sorbus


Oversized Wall Clock by Sorbus

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A clock is not just a utility; it could be the major attraction of your bedroom wall if chosen right. This decorative Persian wall clock is an excellent solution for an empty wall in the men’s bedroom. It is a beautiful statement piece that fits almost any kind of décor and accents your wall décor most luxuriously. Made with MDF wood and metal, this modish wall clock features a classic rustic design with elongated numerals with gorgeous gold metal hands. Whether your bedroom has a rustic modern touch, French country theme, bohemian layout, shabby chic or a vintage retro style, this clock will make any décor theme stand out.

5. Large World Map Canvas Art for Wall

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This stunning world map wall art comes in three separate panels stretched over three solid wooden frames and gallery wrapped. The artwork features a premium quality canvas with HD printed art which is both UV and water-resistant. With such quality, the print won’t fade or lose its charm over time. It’s actually a good idea for men who are seeking to decorate their bedroom with mannish art. These beautifully printed canvases are ready to hang as they already come with hooks and all the accessories needed for installation. Goes perfectly with shades of blue.

6. The Color of Jazz Art

The Color of Jazz Art

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Enhance the feel of your bedroom with this beautiful artwork named “The Color of Jazz.” This abstract art features a musician playing the saxophone that could attract any human soul entering your room. If you love music to your core, this piece of art would always hold a piece of your heart. This is a perfect wall panel to add the pop of red, black, orange, blue, and gray into the dull walls of men’s bedroom. This artwork uses a water-resistant poly-cotton canvas and UV resistant matte finish wrapped over a premium pinewood frame. Take this home to add the glory of music to your bedroom walls.

7. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Print Canvas

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Print Canvas  

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This canvas is the high-definition print of a famous painting “Starry Night.” Van Gogh’s Starry Night Painting is a beautiful depiction of a view from the window facing to the east of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provenc just before the sunrise. It is one of the most recognized paintings worldwide. It resonates with the belief that beauty is universal and timeless. This beautiful artwork features a quiet village under the exploring stars with a flame-like cypress connecting the earth and the sky in the painting. If looking at the stars makes you dream too, this Van Gogh’s beautiful art belongs in your bedroom.

8. Star Wars Word Art Print – Typography Art

Star Wars Word Art Print

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You need to zoom in and look a little close to get to the beauty of this wall art. It’s not just a print. It’s a typography art made entirely out of words. There are three frames showing Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Second Death Star. Each of these canvas prints depicts the opening crawl and every last spoken word Star Wars film. The frame has a light texture finish adding to the simplicity of the art and keeping it minimal but beautiful. The frames have acrylic lamination rather than glass to reduce the chances of damage during shipping. These frames are ready to hang and easy to install.

9. Black Panther Inspired Custom Name Decal


Black Panther Inspired Custom Name Decal

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If you love the idea of sticking your own name’s decal into your bedroom for a more personalized touch, you can surely go with this one. This wall decal is inexpensive, ready to install, easy to remove, and doesn’t mess up with the paint of your wall when you remove it. It is customized to order; therefore, it may take a little while for this wall art to reach you. Made from high-quality Oracal 631 Vinyl Film, this vinyl name sticker is a perfect addition for men’s bedrooms.

10. Artinme Framed African American Black Art


african woman painting

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Inspired by the native culture in North-America, this unbeatable black art certainly adds a “WOW” factor in your room. It is a copyrighted artwork originally designed by one of the professional artists of the seller. It features a sharp and vivid ultra-HD print with 3D details popping out of the premium quality canvas. If you are into contemporary style décor, there is nothing like this painting to create a desirable impact on your bedroom walls. Grab this perfect wall accent piece to fill your bedroom with some original artwork worthy of appreciation.

11. Washington Redskins – Football Team Logo

Washington Redskins - Football Team Logo
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Fan of Washington Redskins? Yes? This logo art definitely belongs in your bedroom. This wall art is a decal poster made from remarkable material that can be removed easily without damaging your walls. It is available in different sizes so that you can choose one according to your preferences. This wall art is perfect for any man with a sporty spirit. If you’re into sports, especially football, you should order it right away. You’d love having such artworks in your room, and your other football-loving friend will appreciate its beauty for sure.

12. Classic Street Art


Classic Street Art

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If you couldn’t resist admiring Graffiti Paintings or street art while walking through the streets, this one is the perfect piece of painting for your bedroom. This pop art is the gorgeous piece of canvas art prints that could bring any dead wall to life. This unique artwork is meant for all kinds of décor, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or modern. The best thing about this piece of art is that it comes with six months warranty. If you’re not satisfied by the look or the quality of the painting, you can easily place a return request.

13. LightFairy Glow In The Dark Canvas Painting


LightFairy Glow In The Dark Canvas Painting

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Have you ever been curious about how this universe works? Do you fantasize galaxies, stars, planets, and other mysterious things in the space? It’s time that you bring all these things a little closer to you with this beautiful wall art that glows in the dark. With this painting, you instantly make a connection to this universe and feel like unfolding the truths that are yet to be discovered. Made with environment-friendly and cutting edge technology, this painting is not just a painting; it’s an experience.

Note: As this painting glow, it is not meant for someone who loves to sleep in the dark.

14. Roaring Lion Painting

Roaring Lion Painting

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Lions are known for their leadership, strength, and fearlessness. They’re kings of their community. Perhaps, this is the reason most men like being compared to a lion and their fierce attitude. Therefore, this roaring lion painting is a perfect artwork of men’s bedroom. This painting features a high-resolution print, sharp & vivid colors, and a super glossy finish for a premium look. It looks rich and luxurious in any room. This beautiful lion painting is available in multiple sizes to fit your requirements.

15. The Joker – Batman Movie Print


The Joker – Batman Movie Print

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If the “Joker” character from Batman movie moves you, this artwork is just going to win your heart at very first glance. It comes as five separate canvases and look stunning with its eye-catching design and high-quality print. Once you install this premium canvas, it will become the key attraction of your bedroom. Your family and friends won’t stop admiring this creative artwork whenever they enter the room.

These were our best recommendations for wall art for men’s bedroom. If you want to explore more artworks, you can visit There are thousands of beautiful pieces of art over there which are impossible to cover in one article.

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