Best Bohemian Coffee Tables Of 2021

Bohemian Coffee Tables

Bohemian style is an outstanding fusion of designs, patterns, and colors. The style has its own cool vibe and is only for those who want their homes vivacious, unusual, relaxed, and full of culture. The design is inspired by someone who is offbeat, mostly involved in art, and has a head full of colorful out-of-the-box designs.

Boho themed decorations are never complete without a coffee or a side table, but the furniture is always overlooked. Once you realize how adaptable and functional it is you’ll never undervalue it. It is not only used to keep tea or coffee, but it also is a showcase for your antique items or flower pots, which are a center of family gatherings and how can we forget it as the favorite footstool.

Coffee tables can make or break the elegance of your living room, so be sure to choose one according to the space available and one that can complement your offbeat home decor. Here, we bring you the best Bohemian coffee tables available on amazon in 2020. 

Best Bohemian Tables Of 2020 – The Best Picks From Amazon

1. Welland Bohemian Style Coffee Table


Bohemian Style Coffee Table

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Modern, Unique, and Stylish, this Welland bohemian coffee table is an excellent choice for people who love to keep more natural-looking and uniquely styled furniture. The table comes in 3 different irregular shapes and sizes. The table is made up of reclaimed cedar stumps and sturdy metal hairpin legs. This irregularly shaped table will fit into your bohemian mid-century modern-style home. An edgy coffee table can be placed in the living room, bedroom, entrance, or window side to liven up your space instantly. 

Reviewers say that pricing is appropriate according to the quality of the coffee table. To protect the finish, we recommend cleaning up the top using mineral oil and dry it up after cleaning and protect the table from sunlight or heat. All in all, the Welland bohemian coffee table is an artistic and modern purchase for every home.

2. WE Furniture Nesting Bohemian Coffee Tables


Nesting Boho Tables

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Add a modern boho element to your living room with this unique geometric nesting table set. The set of 2 Walker Edison nesting coffee tables is available in 7 different colors and is super sleek and will go perfectly with your boho decorations. The table only weighs 36 pounds, so it’s a considerable choice for a smaller space area. 

The artfully designed, geometric shaped base is made up of a painted, sturdy metal frame with a faux marble top for a long continuous useful life. This bold, accented table can be a pleasing addition to your home’s decor.

3. Rustic Bohemian Table By Del Hutson Designs


Rustic Bohemian Table

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The Rustic look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Crafted in Barnwood, this coffee table will add a rustic accent to your home decor. The farmhouse coffee table is a lightweight, durable piece that won’t fade away easily. The 39 inches long table is the best fit for broader and more elegant living spaces. 

The table comes in 3 colors that can match the eclectic decorating style. To give your living space a classic, elegant look, try Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table by Del Huston Designs.

4. Octagonal Firwood Coffee Table


Octagonal Firwood Coffee Table

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While the majority of coffee tables are round or rectangular, this Octagonal Fir wood Coffee Table can definitely be a show-stealer. This rustic coffee table can fit perfectly in a neutral boho designed room. The piece is easy to assemble and is sturdy and durable. 

The coffee table has a rustic top with an iron base and is ideal for both small and large spaces. You can even decorate it with flower pots and tea coasters providing it with an attractive look. 

5. Modern Welland Boho Style Coffee Table

round bohemian table

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The Modern Welland Coffee table is specially designed with a pattern and painted with a washed white color to be your perfect partner in your Bohemian decorating scheme. If you have a tight budget, then you can definitely go with this one. Value for money, a modern coffee table can be placed in a garden, using a side table in your bedroom or living area. 

The patterned well and coffee table is easy to assemble, and the process becomes apparent with the instruction guide provided by the manufacturer. Reviewers adore this piece because it adds a different fashion country style to your space.

6. Walker Edison Modern Round Coffee Table


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The Walker Edison modern round coffee table is a purchase deal you can feel good about. A sleek and airy modern round coffee table with a criss cross-designed base is a splendid choice for neutral boho home decor. The product is sufficient to add glam to space without acquiring much area. The table is available in different shades and glamorous designs that will make you want your shoes dancing. 

Place the coffee table above a flat rug to add a splash of elegance to your room. Reviewers say that The Walker Edison Modern Round Coffee Table is a deal worth spending on.

7. Rustic Farmhouse Metal Coffee Table


Rustic Farmhouse Metal Coffee Table

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Available in 7 colors this round metal coffee accent table is perfect for fitting into smaller living spaces. The round coffee table can be a center of attraction if put in a formal setting. The table is constructed in such a manner that it lasts a lifetime. It has grain detailing on the tabletop surface, giving it a rustic look perfect for a modern space.

8. Traditional Coffee Table With Oak Finish


Traditional Coffee Table With Oak Finish

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A 38-inch classic, solid pine wood table could be the best in budget furniture for your home. The product is slightly heavier in weight than others on this list. Available in 3 colors, the product also has a storage shelf to store magazines or newspapers.

We recommend cleaning the solid pine coffee table with a dry cloth only, avoiding moisture. The furniture will last longer and is best suited for a transitional decor theme. The brand also offers a 30-day free return policy and free shipping for this piece. 

9. Paloma Round Bohemian Coffee Table


two tier bohemian coffee table

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Paloma round coffee table is a 2 tier piece made up of particleboard and metal. The dark oak, matte black finish, and sleek, compact design around the table are all eyes and a choice worth buying. The piece has a storage space at the bottom, which can be used to keep the non-essentials. 

The product comes with a 100% money back or replacement guarantee in case of quality issues. The Paloma round coffee table is a good pick for a pleasing focal point of your living space.

10. Henn&Hart Square Coffee Table With Boho Flair


Square Coffee Table With Boho Flair

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The Henn&Hart square coffee table can seamlessly fit into any room with its attractive gold finish. The geometric shape of the coffee table will match the vibe of a boho themed space. The square table has an overall glam look with sides finished with brass or gold with a glass on top. 

“Sometimes you don’t have a big budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something cheap and boring”. This Henn&Hart square coffee table proves the statement right and is truly a value for money product. 

11. Solid Wood Teak Bohemian Coffee Table with Metal Leg


Bohemian Coffee Table with Metal Leg

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Teak has the smallest deformation coefficient among the wood, and the best of it is found in Indonesia and Myanmar. Welland solid wood teak coffee table is exclusively designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The piece is very light and undoubtedly a center of attraction because of its high-quality cut design. 

Reviewers say they love the table’s unique cut design because it can fit into any home decor. Avoid using chemicals or wet cloth to clean the top surface of the piece. 

12. Living Glass Coffee Table For Vintage Look


Living Glass Coffee Table

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The Cosmo Living glass coffee table is designed with an unapologetically flawless aesthetic and has a vintage look with a modern twist. The rectangular coffee table has artistic geometric detailing on both supporting sides. The coffee table is 24 inches long, so it’s an ideal choice for a small space apartment with a vintage boho look. 

According to the reviewers, you can slay the design game with this one. While the table isn’t assembled when it’s delivered but it will hardly take around 30 min to put the pieces together. 

13. Folding Coffee Table With a Bohemian Flair


Folding Coffee Table With a Bohemian Flair

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If you are looking for a piece that doesn’t require much of your space, then this is for you. Reviewers say that the table is extremely durable, and a fantastic option as it is both alluring and functional. The table measures 15.75815.75820.28 inches and also includes a lower level for extra storage. The 2 tier FUNME round coffee table is available with a gold, black, and white color option. 

So if you are looking for a lower-priced table that can fit into a variety of different styles, you won’t be disappointed with this one. The coffee table is easy to clean and move around as it’s trays can be removed easily. 

14. Contemporary Style Reversible Coffee Table


Contemporary Style Reversible Coffee Table

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FirsTime & Co. Bristol Reversible Coffee Table is a contemporary, polished piece that comes with a unique reversible top feature. With this, you can either have a weathered natural or rustic dark brown finish look for the tabletop. The table has an added vintage charm with a rustic modern look. 

Reviewers love this choice, remarking that you get to have two looks at just one innovatively designed table. The rustic, ultra-modern look of this table can smoothly go with most of your furniture.

15. Nesting Bohemian Coffee Tables


Nesting Coffee Table For Bohemian Bedroom

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Metallic and mirrors are trademarks of bohemian decorating styles. So if you are someone who likes to keep innovative and offbeat, then this might be an ideal choice for you. Glitzhome Nesting Coffee Table will add a truly modern statement to your home. This Nesting coffee table comes with two geometric base designed gorgeous pieces, so you don’t need to find a complementary table. Glitzhome even offers a table in cube and hexahedron shape.  

The nesting design of the table saves space in any room and brings a new sense of elegance and radiance to your living space. Lightweight, sturdy design, high durability, and easy to store makes it an ideal choice for a buy. 

16. Mid Century Round Coffee Table


Mid Century Round Coffee Table

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A mid-century modern round coffee table can be a great alternative to a rectangular coffee table and a huge space saver. It is the most cost-effective product option in this list but never lacks any practical function – a great choice for a smaller living room or an elegant stand in your bedroom. AOJEZOR round coffee table is super easy to assemble, and each leg comes with a wear-resisting footpad to increase the stability. Reviewers say this coffee table is both stylish and is perfect in size and height.

17. Coavas Vintage Coffee Table


Coavas Vintage Coffee Table

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Coavas vintage coffee table features three tables of different heights and sizes, crafted into a vintage brown look. The coffee table comes with sturdy hairpin legs, anti-bump rounded corners, and a waterproof top. It’s a pertinent piece for small spaces, with a mid-century modern vibe.

Reviewers say that it is easy to put together and just has a one-step installation process. The nesting tables are very versatile and can be put together or even separately.

18. Multipurpose Coffee Table


Multipurpose Coffee Table

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Beautifully handcrafted, this Kouboo La Jolla Round multipurpose table is a fitting piece for a boho themed setup. Place it in any corner of your house; this handwoven table has its own cultural look and charm. Reviewers say it’s an upgrade from the typical wooden tables. According to the reviewers, the surface is a little coarse and might not be suitable for families with small children. 

19. Urban Coffee Table With Vintage Touch


Urban Coffee Table With Vintage Touch

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The urban industrial look is especially popular in home decor right now, and is a perfect solution for decorators looking to add a vintage, old school touch to their decoration. The table measures 31*31*17 which make it splendid for small and medium sized living spaces.

The Walker Edison farmhouse round table needs to be assembled after the delivery. As per the reviewers it hardly takes around 20 min to put it together. The black painted metal legs wrapped around the table make it more stable and sturdy.

20. Rustic Boho Style Coffee Table


Rustic Boho Style Coffee Table

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Welland pine wood coffee table is a great option if you need a table that comfortably fits into your space but is also a sight of attraction in your living space. A distressed brown finish outfits the natural square top for a warm and weathered look, while the black-finished frame creates a crisp contrast to give your room a fresh and modern feel. 

The Welland pine wood coffee table is a show-stealer in between all the furniture because of its irregular rustic style and thick edges.  

These bohemian style coffee tables will bring a surprise element to your space whether you use them in bedroom or a living room. Bring them home and make your bohemian space more stylish and lively.

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