Inventive Bohemian Wall Decoration Ideas Of 2021

bohemian wall decor ideas

Unconventional, artistic, and free-spirited is what a boho decor looks like. Inspired by hippies of the 18th century, this style reflects your personality, ideas and emerges straight from the heart. Bohemian is a mixture of colors, patterns, and cultures all together representing what you believe in and who you are. The decor consists of endless possibilities of mix and match, helping you bring a modern and unusual vibe to your home. 

Bohemian decor is not based on the concept of perfection, it is rather about adding eclectic touches to your room to make it warm, lively, and more inviting. The only rule which it states is “Be You” and this is the reason that boho decor has such a wide collection of just everything you need for your space. 

The decor range is so large from boho furniture to boho wall decor and boho color palettes to boho space styling. It’s impossible to include all that information in just one article, so today we will be discussing some major bohemian wall decoration ideas and how to ace them. 

Walls constitute a major part of any space, but people usually neglect it because hanging canvas paintings and photo frames are all they can think of when it comes to wall decor. But trust me wall decor is so much more than just paintings, it brings all the elements of the room together. 

Best Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Let’s get started and have a look at these 10 super chic bohemian wall decor ideas to transform your space into a lively and warm room. 

1. Macrame Magic

macrame wall hangings

Inspired by bohemian designs, this old technique of using textiles for crafting is currently a trend and is ruling the wall decor industry. The macrame technique is spreading its magic and is loved across the globe as a decorative material. Mirror and plant hangers, chandelier, wreath, wall hangings, and key chains are some of the ways in which the macrame crafting technique is integrated. 

You can also take it as a DIY project and jute or hemp for your first trial. Earlier there were limited macrame projects, but now designers and DIY experts are putting a lot of hard work to provide personalized pieces to its customers to add that extra bit of magic.

2. Dreamy Dreamcatchers


I think I’m not wrong if I say dreamcatchers have become a must decorative item for every room. Totally affordable, this handmade beauty has one of those x-factors that can instantly brighten up your room. Made up of net and feather, this appealing decorative item is available in all colors, from bright funky to low minimalistic. 

Not just a decorative piece, the dreamcatcher also has its significance. As the name suggests these net hoops are a sign of protection from nightmares. Available in limitless design and sizes, you can pair it with some fairy lights for a dreamy look. 

3. Rustic Bohemian Art

rustic bohemian art

The bohemian decor is itself inspired by artists, travelers, and writers. Display all your art proudly, the unusual pieces, the ones that show your interests. Display all your collections you gathered while traveling to different countries of the world. Don’t shy away from showing off your antique collection. 

Present all your collection in a very artistic and audacious way and let it be a treat for the eyes of your visitors. 

4. Mesmerizing Metal Art

metal art

Metal arts come in different geometric shapes and patterns as wall hanging decorations. These metal arts are visually very mesmerizing as they don’t occupy much space on your wall but their presence is surely felt. 

The metal arts will give your room a more vintage and cultural look. These are super easy to install and come in a ready to hang version. So instead of just showcasing your wall with gallery photos try including some beautiful wall pediments, metal garlands, and distressed rusty metal decors. You can even find a great collection of fascinating metal arts at 

5. Hippie Mirrors

Mirror Wall Decor

Mirrors are known as the trademark of bohemian decor style. They add a sense of charm and glamour to any space they are added in. Try adding some colored hippie mirrors, and you can even play with the shapes to give an artistic look. 

Don’t be afraid to put up bold chic mirrors, with broad frames or colored side frames. For instance, you can also try some Turkish mirrors, these are available in a wide range of colors and shapes and can also be customized according to your decor style. 

6. Wicker Decor

wicker wall decor

“Wicker” is a popular practice of weaving home decor products and furniture. Bamboo and cane are generally used for preparing the products through a wicker method. 

If you have a long plain white wall, you can put up some wicker paneling or just a wicker sheet to make it a focal point, and then decorate some wall plates or frames. This helps to break the monotonous feel and gives the room an old school feel. 

Wicker decor is best for people who like to keep eco-friendly decorative items. These products also make excellent and worthy house warming presents. 

7. Tassels & More Tassels

Tassels wall hangings

Tassels are anytime favorite decorative items in bohemian decor style. If you want to fill up your walls with some love, the colorful tassels are a wonderful option. There are a limitless number of options to incorporate tassels in your home decor. Use it as a drawer puller, wall hangings, curtain organizer, window decorator, or pom poms, you’ll never be disappointed.

You can also combine it with a tassel for a more funky look. Be it a luxury or a normal laid out setup, tassels can make their way in any style. From bright and funky colors to nude and light, tassels are available in all the shades.  

8. Fairy Lights Everywhere

fairy lights

Lights are always a source of positive energy and are the most important aspect of any decor style. Lightning can make or break your room decor. So don’t forget to include this very crucial essence. 

Chandeliers, lamps, and lanterns are all good but what creates magic in your space is fairy lights. The yellow fairy lights are just perfect, totally perfect! It brings warmth and a very free-spirited feeling into your space. 

9. Wall Baskets

bohemian baskets

Wall baskets make a noticeable and astonishing wall decor item. Just search on Pinterest wall baskets and you’ll get to know how beautiful this decorative item is and how to use it to decorate your room walls. 

You can even create your own DIY wall basket by playing with some colors and different patterns and sizes. A carefree arrangement of wall baskets near a metallic mirror will surely make an appealing look for your room. 

10. Tantalizing Tapestries

wall tapestries

Tapestries are a very refreshing decorative piece that can quickly add a vibe in any room. Highly affordable and better than those expensive paintings to bring a chic boho look to your space. The highly rising popularity of tapestries makes it easily available on any online store or even decor houses. 

These stylish and trendy tantalizing tapestries are available in different patterns and arts. Mandala design, quotes, religious craft, or botanical vibe name it, and you’ll get it.  

You can check amazing dorm room tapestries and mandala tapestries by following the respective links.

Boho decor style is good for the spirit and for the environment as well. The best thing about this decor style is you get to decorate your space without making a hole in your pocket. 

So what are you waiting for? Take inspiration from these amazing wall decor ideas and get started. If the decor feels right to you, it’s boho!

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