31 Cool Things for Your Bedroom in 2021

cool things for your room

Furnishing or decorating a bedroom is a no-brainer. Even though folks tend to spend hours and hours looking for the ways to create a Pinterest-Worthy bedroom, but the mantra is to keep it minimal, functional, and relatable. No fancy décor can make your feel like home if it doesn’t go well with your style and personality. So, if you want your room to resonate with you, ask yourself what you need, and not what they say you need. And of course how you always have imagined your bedroom to be.

And if you’re out of ideas and cannot come to the conclusion of what you might need to make room more like yourself, I am here to share some ideas about some cool stuff that you can put in your room. Here, you will find a plethora of neat, clean, and not-so-expensive yet cool things for your bedroom. Let’s dive right in:

Cool Stuff For Your Bedroom

Here are some of the coolest things to put in your bedroom to make it modern, chic, and all homey. I hope you find something that pulls the strings of your heart too.

1. Succulents



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Ask me anything about home décor and I don’t think I will ever be able to complete the discussion without the mention of these tiny plants capable of spreading magic all around. Succulents are my happy place. I firmly believe that they can make any room look more vibrant, optimistic, and lively. I have succulents all around my house. Trust me, having them in your sight helps maintain a good mood. Plus they’re cool, trendy, and probably the best room décor item there is. If you can provide them with a little care, I highly recommend you to add them in your bedroom.

2. Desk/Table Organizers


Desk/Table Organizers

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Living a clutter-free life is one of the best things you can do to make your life a lot less mess. It keeps you organized, teaches you discipline, and saves a lot of time which you would waste otherwise looking for the things you misplaced. There are many desktop and table organizers you can buy online to organize your stuff like watches, wallets, jewelry, make-up, gadgets etc. Also, organizers help you gain a sense of control and project a better image of you in front of friend, family, and kids.

3. Starry Fairy String Lights


Starry Fairy String Lights

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If you love walking down a memory lane reminiscing about the old moments you have spent with your near and dear ones, you must have fairy light strings in your bedroom with your favorite photos clipped to it. These lights elegantly light up your room creating quite an aura. They come with an ON/OFF switch so you don’t have to worry about unplugging the lights every time you want to turn them off.

4. Floating Shelves


Floating Shelves

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Wall-mounted shelves are perfect in every way. They make a great wall décor, create space for your succulents, miniatures, or other decorative items, and also make an ideal mini library if you like reading books every once in a while. You should definitely consider adding these multipurpose shelves perfect for holding and displaying your best collection.

5. A Smart Speaker


A Smart Speaker

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Many gadget-freaks would already have a smart speaker in their room. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely consider Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa. Made to fit the small spaces, this compact speaker comes in 4 chic colors: charcoal, heather grey, plum, and sandstone. Choose the one that goes best with the existing décor in your room. The speaker will help you stay up-to-date with latest news, entertain you with music of your choice, set reminders and alarms for you, and turn off your home’s lights and devices with the voice control. It definitely belongs in your bedroom.

6. Lounge Chair


Lounge Chair

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Don’t have a lounge area in your bedroom yet? It’s time to get one. A lounge area in your bedroom makes a perfect space for sipping a coffee, reading a book, and even hanging out with friends. Also, it makes your room look modern and luxurious. There are hundreds of lounge chair options available on Amazon. Our exclusive article on best lounge chairs for your bedroom will definitely help you pick

7. Coffee Table


Coffee Table

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I don’t know about you, but I barely feel my room like a room without a coffee table. Perhaps that’s because of the fact that I am a coffee lover and a reader. You will always find a cup of coffee, a magazine, and few books lying on my coffee table and it speaks a lot for my personality. If you too like the idea of getting a coffee table for the cozy corner of your bedroom, we recommend checking our coffee table picks from Amazon.

8. A Soft Furry Rug


A Soft Furry Rug

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If you want to brighten up your drab bedroom, it’s time to get an area rug. If chosen right, an area rug can glam up even the dullest of the places. You can explore a wide range of prints, textures, shapes, and styles that work well with different kinds of environments. The one listed above is more of a basic and furry rug that goes well with all kinds of bedrooms. If you’re more into bohemian or traditional style, you can check out Homilly’s best Amazon finds of bohemian rugs in this article.

9. An Ottoman with Storage


Ottoman with Storage

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How about a nice and convenient seating with storage? If you loved the sound of it, you should add a cool ottoman in your bedroom. It’s one of the nicest stuff. You will have a seating space for one or two of your homies hanging around with you while keeping your stuff safe inside. It has nice and thick sponge padding which makes it soft and comfortable for sitting purpose. Also, if you don’t have much space in your room, you can fold it when not in use.

10. Moon Lamp


Moon Lamp

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You should have a couple of attractive décor pieces in your room that never fails to catch an eye of your guests. This illuminating moon lamp could be one of them. What I loved the most about this lamp is its detailing inspired from the actual moon images taken by NASA. The artists have done a splendid work designing this masterpiece with 3D printing technology. They have also given it a realistic feel with the curves and mountains on the surface. The lamp comes with a smart button to change the color of lamp between cool white to warm yellow.

11. Writing Desk


Writing Desk

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One of many cool things to add is your room is this Serenity Writing Desk which is minimal in design but looks quite chic. Laminated in MDF, it’s white finish and golden legs add up to its trendy style. It doesn’t even occupy much space. Furthermore, the desktop on this desk comes with a wireless charging spot that charges your phone and other gadgets without the hassle of cords.

12. Scented Candles


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Infuse your room with these delightful candles to turn your space into tranquil oasis. Having a hard time in life? These candles will help. Having a rough and stressful day? These candles will cool your down and help you regain your lost composure. These candles will put your mind at ease by facilitating a relaxing environment and let you unwind in serene atmosphere. Also, these candles minimize other bothering odors in your room and eliminate the need of additional room freshener.

13. A Wall Tapestry


A Wall Tapestry

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Can’t afford a fancy expensive painting or art for your boring bedroom walls? How about a tapestry then? Tapestries are a great way to provide a quick glam up to your bland walls and that without digging a hole in your pocket. They are super trendy, low-on budget, and amazing wall décor item to do a quick makeover for your room. We have listed some really great tapestries for guy’s room and girl’s room; you can take inspiration from there.

14. A Bonsai Tree with LED Lights


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This 18” cherry blossom bonsai tree equipped with 48 LED lights is love at first sight. Its warm white tones provide an illuminate glow to light up entire mood in seconds. It’s environment-friendly and energy saving decoration for your bedroom. You can even bend the branches of this tree as you like. You can also use it as a nightlight if you love sleeping with some light on. Won’t it make a perfect thing to add in your bedroom? I think so.

14. USB Nightstand Lamp with Wireless Charging Station for Bedroom


USB Nightstand Lamp with Wireless Charging Station

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Of course it has to be in the list. Who would say no to a bedside lamp that charges your phones, smart watches, and other gadgets that support wireless charging? Quite functional, easy-peasy, and convenient, right? Moreover, this energy-saving lamp comes in two brilliant shades: one is mid-century antique brass and another ivory fabric shade for more contemporary look. This lamp in a bedroom will serve quite a purpose.

15. Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock

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To be honest, I picked this alarm clock not because it’s a clock, but because it’s a trendy decoration for your bedroom’s side tables. It comes with a stylish appearance, beautiful display, and smart humidity & temperature sensors. It lets you set not one but multiple alarms separately for you and your family. You can also adjust the brightness according to your comfort level. This is one of the most stylish and cool things to add in your room.

16. Geometric Terrarium Container

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How do you feel about the idea of mini fairy garden in your bedroom? Ecstatic, happy, and thoughtful – that’s how I feel. You should think about getting this set of three terrarium containers in three elegant shapes: Globe, Triangle, & Teardrop. All three pieces are beautifully designed for holding small plants like cacti, moss, ferns, and succulents. They make a perfect decoration for desks, windows, and even the wall shelves. You can also them as a centerpiece for your coffee table.

17.  A Lightbox With Letters & Symbols

A Lightbox With Letters & Symbols
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I personally love this lightbox for two reasons: first, it is inspired by retro-nostalgic cinema sign and offers quite a glamorous display in a metallic ombre rainbow shell, and second, that it lets you create your own letter sign by sliding the letters on the light box. This is such a cool item for your bedroom. You can use it simply as a décor, for making announcements in parties, to deliver messages, to display quotes, and whatever else you can think of in its capacity. I sometimes use it for setting reminders as well, lol.

18. Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser

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The life tends to get a little stressful these days. People are surrounded by problems of different kinds every day. Spending sometime on self-care is need of the hour. Aromatherapy can ease your mind in the situations like these. Whenever you feel stressful, or start to catch the symptoms of flu and fever, you can pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and indulge in the simple pleasure of aromatherapy. It’s better for your body, both physically and mentally.

19.  A Bedside Shelf


A Bedside Shelf

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Well, this one could be coolest and most helpful item for your bedroom if you don’t have bedside tables to keep your gadgets and accessories organized. Made from recycles bamboo, this bedside shelf has got smooth and elegant finish. It’s super-sturdy, reliable, and lasting product. It is designed with a cup-holder, cable slots, and tablet-slot for the ease of organizing different things seamlessly on a single shelf. It comes with the adjustable clamps with padding so it doesn’t harm your furniture in any way.

20. Motivating Canvas Art


Motivating Canvas Art

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If you’re looking for something with decoration perspective, I found this canvas art pretty thoughtful. It’s motivational, uplifting, stylish, and elegant. It’s meant to go with any kind of décor because it uses quite basic colors. You will love this high-definition Giclee canvas wall artwork in your bedroom. I’d have to say it will give you quite a kickstart to begin your day with inspiration and enthusiasm.

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21. Desktop File Organizer


Desktop File Organizer

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Every desk deserves this sturdy and durable file or magazine organizer. It’s stylish, comes with a great finish, and is quite easy to clean. The surface is very shiny and decorative. This 9-slot organizer can help you categorize your books, files, magazine, comics, mails, notepad etc. It can actually de-clutter your desk and make you much more productive. The quality is great too.

22. Iron Sculpture Accent Piece


Iron Sculpture Accent Piece

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If you’re a reader, this old-fashioned sculpture would make a great decoration for your book-shelf or reading desk.  It possesses a unique charm that appeals to everyone. It’s made with iron using a sand casting mechanism which makes it lightweight and durable at the same time. I personally loved how a slender figure reading a book is reclining on the curvature of the circle. I think it’s thoughtful. You can place this cool decorative piece in your bedroom.

23. Planters



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If you’re thinking about repotting your indoor plants anytime soon, you should consider getting brand new planters for them. I personally loved the above planters with some really cool patterns. They provide quite simple and sleek look which works best for the minimalists. The unique handmade surfaces of the planters have great detailing and lovely appearance. All the pieces come with a bamboo tray that perfectly catches the drips coming off the plants. You should definitely use them as new plant pots for your bedroom.

24. A Dresser Table


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Complete your modern bedroom look with this strong and sturdy delta drawer dresser. Equipped with 3 spacious drawers and a removable changing top, this sleek designed furniture can be conveniently used in many ways such as a baby dresser stand, bed side table, or a decorative stand.  This Amazon’s choice drawer with a dresser comes with a removable changing pad option for the top. It doesn’t include the use of any toxic elements and is also approved by ATSM safety standards. The contemporary look of the drawer dresser will easily match up with your existing furniture.

25. Motion Activated Bed Light


Motion Activated Bed Light

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The motion sensor under-bed lighting is for someone who frequently gets up in the middle of the night, be it for the washroom, baby, or whatever. It is just totally perfect as it only lights up when there is any movement and also has the auto shut off option once you leave the room. The auto-off sensor has a timer from 30 sec to 1 min adjustment. The narrow, self-adhesive LED light strips have a warm soft glow and absolutely zero percent disturbing glare to disturb others. The multipurpose Vansky motion-activated LED lights can be used in kitchens, wardrobes, bedside, or even at the staircase.

26. A Floor Lamp


A Floor Lamp

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Floor lamps are nowadays the demand for every modern household. This Brightech Maxwell floor lamp is a unique combination of a LED lamp and shelves attached for decorative display. The narrow nightstand saves floor space and is therefore ideal for bedrooms of all sizes. You can even order turn on the lights Alexa, and it’s done with this high tech shelf floor lamp.  This Japanese column lamp will beautifully fit in a contemporary modern setup and is both energy and money-saving.

 27. End Table


End Table

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The C type, multiple stand tables will reduce the juggle between your snacks and you and act as a convenient small table that is easy to reach and setup. The lightweight, easily portable C type’s tables are currently in demand because of its shape and the accessibility it carries. It is perfect for holding everything be it a laptop or a magazine or some snacks, everything is right in your reach that too on a tabletop. The strong and sturdy steel construction of the table can support weight up to 45 pounds. Higher than a coffee table and lower than a regular dining table, the industrial C type table has the perfect height.

 28. Hammock Chair


Hammock Chair

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Ever dreamt of having an indoor swing chair? If yes, then this might be the best pick for you. The extra-soft durable and comfortable hanging rope hammock chair is a worthy addition for bohemian home decor. The chair can take up to 500 pounds of load and it is advised by the seller to hang it at least 30-40 cm above the ground to experience proper swing. Handcrafted with canvas fabric, the chair is so comfortable and relaxing, that you can just sit and enjoy the weather.

29. A Throw Blanket


A Throw Blanket

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Available in beautiful 20 shades, this high quality, soft warm blanket serves many purposes. Use it as a blanket on a couch or a bed, or a decorative throw on your gorgeous sofa. Made with lightweight material and high-speed weaving, the blanket will provide maximum coziness and utmost comfort. The geometric pattern and the beautifully finished edges with tassels on it make will make it a center of attraction when placed in any decor style. The seller recommends for a gentle cold wash and low tumble dry.

30. A Comforter



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Fluffy, extra cozy blankets are the demand of the generation. Available in 7 different sizes, this reversible poly filing blanket is suitable for not too hot and not too cold weather. Providing ultra-comfort sleeping experience is its specialty and is even noise-free. The fabric is so soft and breathable because the cotton inside is equally distributed and spread throughout the blanket. The seller gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its users and if any defect is found the product will quickly be replaced by the executives. The blanket is easy to maintain and won’t fade away or have fuzz balls after any wash.

 31. Cookie Jars


Cookie Jars

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For sure a lovely and galvanized cookie jar when you want something to munch on while Netflix & Chill. The cute container has an airtight gasket for storing bakery stuff or other food items without any compromise. The food jar is also FDA tested and approved so that it doesn’t compromise with the food safety standards. The jar is highly durable and is also free from corrosion. Available in white and mint color, these cute little jars make a perfect thing to add in your bedroom for storing your favorite snacks. You also get 2 complimentary heart-shaped cutters for baking fun cookies.

Did you like the ideas we just shared above? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, more suggestions are always welcome!

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