Elephant Decor: Best Ideas For Bedroom & Living Room

elephant decor ideas

Elephant decor is currently the hottest trend in the home decor industry because of its majestic look and it exemplifies strength, compassion, and good luck. Elephants are the world’s cutest and most recognized decorative item. The position of the elephant’s trunk also holds a special significance. The trunk pointed downwards is a sign of fertility cure, the upward trunk shows good luck, and a paired trunk signifies love cure. 

Whether you want prosperity, good luck, or positivity, elephants are the most admired decorative item of all time. Elephant decor will add a unique style and personality when displayed in any household. The elephant symbol can offer various ways to contribute to the living, bedroom, and bathroom space. 

So make your home as majestic as this animal and to make this possible we’ve reviewed some of the best decorative items for your wall decor, living room, bedroom, and bathroom space. 

Elephant Wall Decor 

The animal represents positivity, strength, and charm. Show off the spirit of strength in your family by adding some gorgeous elephant wall art decor to your home. Explore the high-quality elephant wall decor collection to select from a range of unique, handmade, and modern wall decor ranges. 

1. TONZOM Canvas Elephant Wall Art


Elephant Wall Art

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This beautifully painted canvas print modern style high definition giclee printing is a cost-effective and an elegant choice for any decor style. Advanced Giclee printing technology ensures higher color resolution and longer durability. The ink used for printing is odorless and environmentally friendly. The vivid color of the elephant painting will surely brighten up your wall. The canvas painting will add charm when displayed in a living room or a modern bedroom. The edges of the canvas frame are wrapped in such a way that it gives a 3D effect to the painting. The back of the painting is protected with a dust-resistant black light absorption cloth to protect it in a better way.

2. Artinme Design Contemporary Abstract Elephant Painting


Abstract Elephant Painting

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Inspired by the majestic look of elephants, this elephant oil painting is truly a master class. Printed on ultra HD quality canvas with 3D details painted through hand and brush makes this piece truly unique. This design was originally created by the ARTINME store and has also copyright protected it. The painting is an expression of love and boldness and will no doubt fit in a modern contemporary household. The canvas painting will be admired and appreciated by every guest if hung in the living room. You can select the size according to your preference as it is available in 5 sizes.

3. Wall26 – Elephant Canvas Art


Elephant Canvas Art

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The wall26 canvas painting is truly a representation of power and boldness. High quality printed canvas stretched and fixed in the frame to maintain durability. Giclee printing technology is used for high definition artwork. A perfect piece for wall decoration, the painting when displayed will give a feel of luxury and style. The seller guarantees 100-year fade resistant quality for its painting. The accessory hanging kit is also delivered with the painting itself for an easy experience and for hassle-free decoration. 

4. Vintage Blue Elephant Tapestry 


Blue Elephant Tapestry 

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Tapestries are currently ruling the wall decoration sector of the home decor industry. Available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, this blue elephant tapestry can be used in multiple ways – a wall decor, or in the bedroom as a headboard, bed cover, blanket, or a tablecloth. Made up of high-quality lightweight polyester fabric, it makes it durable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The vibrant colors used in the tapestry makes it even more beautiful and versatile. The tapestry is completely environmentally friendly as there is no use of dyes or chemicals. For cleaning purposes the seller has advised a machine cold wash with a delicate cycle. 

5. Pinetree Art – Elephant Canvas Wall Painting 


Elephant Canvas Wall Painting 

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Want to bring some positive energy to your room? So this canvas artwork might be the one for you. The elephants in pairs represent a strong relationship and a solid foundation. Made up of high-quality 280g canvas, acrylic paint and waterproof ink, this elephant wall decor will bring happiness and calmness to your space. The artwork is ideal for the living room, guest room, or bedroom. Originally designed by the artist of Pinetree art, the 3D textured canvas art painting will prove to be a stunner in your home decor collection. The ready to use piece is available in 2 size options.

Elephant Decor for the Living Room

Elephants represent a bold and strong character, so it is pretty clear now why many people crave to decorate items related to elephants in their living room. The animal is considered a source of good luck for many reasons according to the Feng shui application. Homilly has shortlisted the best 5 decorative items that will definitely fit with any decor style of the living room. 

1. Tealight Candle Holders by IYARA Craft


Elephant Candle Holders

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A perfect candle holder to add a sense of charm to your room. These handmade elephant carved candle holders will make any space look more magical. The candle holders are delivered in a set of 3 with a matte finished tray. An aluminum carved elephant with a matte finish just added an antique touch to the set. The piece is a versatile decor option as you can place it in your living room, bedroom, or even the garden area. The candle holders are made up of wood so there is no chance of cracks due to excessive heat. The classy wooden tray adds a tasteful design to the tealight candle holder. 

2. Jahosin Elephant Throws Pillow Covers


Elephant Throws Pillow Covers

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Made up of pure durable cotton blend linen natural material, the fabric is so soft that you’ll never have any complaints because of these cushions. The cover has a smooth hidden zipper on one side so that it does not destroy the whole look. The black and white sketch of the elephant represents a modern fashion style. The 18”*18” cover will easily match any sofa or bedroom requirements. The seller recommends not using bleach or hot iron as it may affect the print on the cover. 

3. Lush Decor Hati Elephants Sherpa Throw


Hati Elephants Sherpa Throw

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Made up of pure polyester fabric, the elephant design on the blanket is ideal for a boho setup or modern neutral setup. Available in Navy/Turquoise color, the reversible sherpa throw is safe for a machine cold wash or a tumble dry low. The sherpa throw is soft, cozy, and comfortable and will be a perfect piece of elephant decor for the living room. According to the reviewers, the blanket is lightweight, warm, and of perfect size.  

4. Geeky Days Elephant DIY Large Wall Clock


Elephant DIY Large Wall Clock

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Clocks are an essential part of any home decor and even acts as a decorative item in the interior decoration of any home. Offbeat vintage large wall clocks are currently trending in the market. This frameless elephant themed silver DIY wall clock is truly a great option for modern vintage decor. According to the reviewers, the wall clock is great for the price. Though it requires some tools and a lot of patience to put the wall clock together. 

5. Feng Shui Elephant Figurine Home Decor 


Elephant Figurine Home Decor 

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An exquisite elephant statue is regarded as a good luck charm and symbolizes strength and protection to the family. Available in shades of grey and silver, the antique statue is a popular gifting item and. The decorative item is engraved with beautiful colors and shining crystals to make it look even more gorgeous and stylish. The elephant figure is said to bring prosperity and happiness. The sculpture is made through a complex process of pouring liquid poly resin into an elephant mold to get a rough shape. 

Elephant Decor for Bedroom

Elephants are mostly used in pairs to decorate the bedroom interior as pairs of elephants act as a love cure or even a representation of what a strong relationship looks like. The animal is known for its kindness and immense strength, and this can help every home to have peace of mind and stability. Take a look at these elephant decor ideas for your bedroom that will instantly beautify your space.

1. ECYC Elephant Ceramic


ECYC Elephant Ceramic

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Made up of ceramics, this set of uniquely designed elephants is a great decorative element for bedroom decoration. The black and red pair of different sized elephants will fit perfectly in any decor style and will look artistic. A glossy bright finish to the decorative item added glamour to the piece. The piece is professionally designed and is a trademark protected by US trademark law. A perfect decorative item for your lounge area in your bedroom. 

2. Visual Art Decor Elephant Canvas


Decor Elephant Canvas

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Add a tinch of happiness to your boring life with this visual artwork canvas elephant painting. Giclee printing technology is used to print eco-ink resolution on waterproof canvas stretched and fixed in a frame. A thick frame is used to fix the canvas as a thick frame provides 3D appeal, more stability and durability, and better quality. The seller promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full return and free replacement in case of any problems. The ink used for printing is fade resistant. Reviewers absolutely love this product because of its great quality and framing.

3. MFGNEH Home Decor Cotton Linen Pillow Covers


elephant Pillow Covers

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Made up of linen fabric, the cute baby elephant printed with headphones and specs is a treat for the eyes and most probably the cutest thing you’ll see. The pillow cover has a hidden zipper that is safe for machine washing. A cute pillow cover can surely improve the style and change the environment of your bedroom. The pillow cover is available in 4 different sizes. So what are you waiting for? Update your boring pillow throws with these kinds of trending covers and rock your home decor.

4. Wall26 – Square Canvas Tribal Elephant Wall Art 


Tribal Elephant Wall Art 

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The multi-colored high-quality canvas print is an ideal decorative item for boho interior decor. Canvas painting is truly a definition of magnificence and style. The canvas is stretched and framed in a wooden frame to avoid sagging and ensure higher durability. The beautiful design on the canvas makes the painting a unique piece and an eye-catcher in any decor style. The canvas painting is available in 3 sizes. You can hang the piece as soon as it is delivered as it requires no assembling.

5. Good Luck Elephant Statue


Good Luck Elephant Statue

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Minimalistic in design, this trunk raised elephant statue is considered to be a good charm for any household. The elephant statue is widely loved and appreciated by people as it symbolizes prosperity, charm, strength, and good luck. This decorative piece will be a statement of elegance and delicacy. It’s a little expensive but is definitely an option worth buying for your bedroom decor. Made up of cold cast resin, the product is available in white and bronze color finish. 

Elephant Decor for Bathroom

Elephants are often considered as a symbol of protection and solely for this reason people prefer to keep some elephant decor in the bathroom as well. Add a touch of fun and safety to your bathroom with these elephant decor pieces. We have reviewed some coolest elephant decor pieces for your bathroom.

1. Chucoco Oil Canvas Painting


Chucoco Oil Canvas Painting

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Modern high definition canvas printed artwork is a contemporary way to brighten up the walls of your bathroom. The 16”*16” artwork is ideal for large bathroom spaces. The canvas painting of an elephant sitting on a toilet seat is too cute for bathroom decor and even looks funny. In modern home decor, people usually prefer paintings for their wall decor as it looks in symmetry. Reviewers totally love this cool bathroom humor painting and absolutely recommend it because of its sturdiness and value for money features.

2. Hand-Painted Bathroom Wall Art


Bathroom Wall Art Elephant

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This bathroom wall art is a hand-painted work by some professional artists. The painting is not a canvas print and promotes the culture of hand-painted artwork. The painting is warped around a wooden frame to give it a representable perfect look. The funny painting of an elephant sitting in a bathtub playing with bubbles is an ideal piece for a kid’s bathroom or any washroom. The painting is light weighted and easy to hang, a D ring hanger is included at the back of the painting. The oil painting is available in 2 sizes and perfect for people who love animals.  

3. ArtBones Elephant Painting Bathroom Wall Decor


ArtBones Elephant Painting Bathroom Wall Decor

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Divided into 3 panels, the canvas is around 12”*12”. It’s not a handmade paiting but gives quite an impact. It uses a high-quality waterproof canvas for long-lasting durability. The vibrant colors used in the painting make the space cheerful and calm. The concept of 3 different animals happily soaking in a bubble bath is a worthy choice for bathroom decor. The wall painting is easy to hang and requires low maintenance, just use a wet cloth and wipe the dust and it’s done. The seller promises a 30-day free return policy for its customers. 

4. Agirlvct Cotton Ball Bathroom Floss Jars


Elephant Shaped Cotton Ball Bathroom Floss Jars

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Keep your bathroom clean and organized with the help of these Agirlvct cute floss jars. Delivered in a set of 2 this elephant holder is easy to maintain and helps keep your basic bathroom necessities in place. You can store cotton balls, nail cutters, dental floss, toothpicks, and earbuds. The plastic material of the jar makes it easy to see what is inside the holder. Available in cute elephant shapes in black and white color, this multi-purpose jar has four legs to make it stand firm and ensure durability. Reviewers say that the product is adorable and functional.

5. Ebros Pachyderm Safari Elephant Holding Toilet Tissue Paper 


Elephant Holding Toilet Tissue Paper 

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If you love to decorate even your bathroom and look for unique things, then this might be the one for you. The elephant shape holding the tissue paper acts as a unique decorative item in your bathroom and has a functional use too. The sculpture is handcrafted from cold cast resin with the help of a mounting plate and a roller. According to the reviewers, they were resistant to buying it because of its pricing but when they received the product they realized it’s totally worth spending a big amount on. 

Delight your home with these elephant decor items and introduce beautiful energy into your house.

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