10 Best Full-Size Futon Mattress To Spice Up Your Furniture

full size futon mattress

A futon can be a classic addition to your home’s furniture. They are trendy, comfortable, and can fit perfectly in your drawing room, bedroom, or dorm room with limited space – plus they’re super cool to have. Generally, futons are made with compressed layers of memory foam, organic cotton, wool, or latex tufted together in one place to create a mattress which is different from the conventional mattresses.

A standard full-size futon will not only help you make the most of your space, but it will also prove to be great for your interiors with multi-function use. You can convert this sofa into a cozy guestroom bed in the matter of minutes. With such versatility, the futon mattress can enhance the vibe of any modern, contemporary, or traditional style space.

Best Full-Size Futon Mattresses – Top 10 Picks From Amazon

1. DHP 8″ Futon Mattress – Tan Color


DHP 8" Futon Mattress – Tan Color

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Are you looking for a perfect small space solution for your condo or home? There is no better way to fill in your new apartment or dorm room with this coolest multi-functional full futon mattress. DHP futon mattresses contain foam and polyester layered perfectly between cover and 6″ coils to deliver optimum comfort and support to your body. It features a lavish tufted microfiber cover which will give you a luxurious feel.

Its tan color is meant to complement the rooms with both dark colors and light colors equally. It goes perfectly with the metal frames as well as a wooden frame. Try to go with darker frames for a better look.

The foam used in the manufacturing of this futon mattress is made without flame retardants, ozone depletes, lead, mercury, heavy metals, and other PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP. The foam emits a meagre amount of Volatile Organic Compounds, making it an ideal mattress for indoor air quality. The Consumer Safety Product Commission regulates the production of this mattress, making sure it is made without the use of phthalates. It also meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633.

DHP’s full-size futon mattresses are crafted to fit any standard full-size futon frame.

2. Classic Brands 8″ Brown Color Futon


Classic Brands 8" Brown Color Futon

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Here comes one of the most classic designs of futon mattress from the Classic Brands. Brown in color, this full size futon mattress can make a wonderful addition to your living area, bedroom, guest room, or dorm room. We would personally recommend using a polished wooden frame with this one to get a contemporary yet modern touch in your home. It encompasses coil innerspring system wrapped individually that fortifies the mattress to offer it a longer life-span and prevent any kind of wear and tear.

Classic Brand’s futon mattresses fold quite easily and regain its original shape when laid flat. Covered with sturdy microfiber polyester, this full size futon has quality foam layer between the cover and the innerspring system for extra softness and comfort. The memory foam layer also helps in keeping the heat away from your body.

Another thing we liked about this futon mattress is that it is easy to clean. Just take a damp cloth and wipe the dirt off your mattress – as simple as that.

Made to fit any standard full size futon frame, you can also use this mattress on bed frames.

Their customer services is excellent and one of the fastest in the industry.

3. Mozaic Full Size 8-Inch Cotton Futon Mattress – Navy


Mozaic Full Size 8-Inch Cotton Futon Mattress

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It is a beautiful navy-colored futon mattress built with premium quality memory foam made from high quality polyurethane gel. Designed to brilliance, this futon mattress can be used in a futon frame folded in an upright sofa position as well as a guest bed in any full size bed frame. 

This full size futon mattress has a reversible design which means you can flip it around to increase its life. Exclusively made in USA, this classy futon mattress meets standard 16 CFR 163 for federal flammability.

Trust me; you’d be exhilarated to bring this super-stylish futon mattress home to accentuate your living space while you’re enjoying the comfort it has to offer. If you are looking for a relaxing escape in your own home, this memory foam futon mattress must be your go-to.

It is 75 inches long, 54 inches wide and 8 inches thick built to fit in any standard full size futon frame or bed frame.

Colors Available: Navy, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Cinnamon, Dusty Blue, Hunter Green, Ivory, Khaki, Red, Silver

Choose your favorite color; put it in your favorite from and bingo! Your perfect relaxing space is ready.

4. Mozaic 10″ Futon Mattress – Charcoal Grey


Mozaic 10" Futon Mattress

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Here comes another full size futon mattress from Mozaic in charcoal grey color which is perfect pick for any black & white or colorful theme. This super-cool futon mattress is filled with premium quality foam, cotton fiber, and polyester fiber and covered with durable upholstery grade polyester. It is tufted with lace which gives the mattress a luxurious texture and makes it look like an expensive sofa.

Weighing around 50 pounds, this full size futon will save you a lot of space and money. If you get it once, you’ll never look back because it’s a complete comfort solution whether you want to sit, sleep, or lounge.

You can pair it with any metal or wooden frame to encompass your unique style to match up with your existing décor. This wonderful futon will allow you to use your room in variety of ways including folded position, upright position, and flatbed position.

It follows Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633 so you can be assured that your futon mattress is made in a safe and responsible environment.

Dimensions: 54″ W x 75″ L x 10″ H designed to fit any full size futon frame.

5. DHP 8″ Full-Size Merlot Futon


DHP 8" Full-Size Merlot Futon

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You’ll fall in love with the vibe that this merlot-colored futon mattress is going to bring in your house. Tucked in lavish tufted microfiber cover, this full-size futon mattress accommodates 6″ coils covered with the layers of foam and polyester making sure it is soft, comfortable, and durable.

The foam used in the manufacturing of this mattress is free from DEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, ozone depletes, mercury, lead and heavy metals. The foam emits less than 0.5 PPM VOC, and therefore, it doesn’t compromise indoor air quality.

This futon mattress goes perfectly with both metal and wooden futon frames but we find it classier with the wooden frames in light colors. You can enhance the look of the futon sofa with plain abstract, quoted, or printed cushions. Better place this futon in front of a light-coloured wall to make it stand out.

Whether you use this mattress as a sofa or a full-size bed, it won’t disappoint you. Rather, it will bring you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and style. Bring this trendy mattress home and make the most of your small living space.

Dimensions: Width: 75″; Depth: 54″; Height: 8″ designed to fit any full size futon frame

6. Charcoal Gray 8″ Coil Futon Mattress by DHP 


Charcoal Gray 8" Coil Futon Mattress by DHP 

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When it comes to futon mattress, there is nothing that can beat this charcoal-coloured full-size futon coming from DHP. DHP is probably the leading seller of futon mattress on Amazon and it sure delivers the best in terms quality and design. Weighing around 59 pounds, this futon mattress 8″ Independently Encased Coils made with CertiPUR-US certified foam free from harmful and toxic substances.

Look at this beautiful “work of art”. Don’t you think it will pull off any room with its eye-catching colour and rich looks? It’s not only the most comfortable futon there is, but also adds up to the beauty of your interiors.

We personally recommend pairing this masterpiece with metal or wooden futon frame in black color. You can magnify its style and charm with a pair of abstract cushions or printed cushions of your choice.

Dimensions: Width: 75″; Depth: 54″; Height: 8″ – crafted to with perfectly with any full size futon frame.

7. 6″ Tufted Futon Mattress by Mainstay


Tufted Futon Mattress by Mainstay

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Here comes an excellent quality futon mattress crafted with thermo-bonded polyester and cotton. It is the best low-prices futon mattress that offers you premium comfort and style at such a small price.

The impressive black shade of this mattress makes it an ideal futon for any room as it will look beautiful with any kind of décor. We would recommend using this full-size futon mattress with light-coloured wooden frame to make it stand out. A light frame would give it a rich & luxurious look and few pillows on the top will add to its charm.

Easy to clean: As gorgeous as it may look, you might be worried about cleaning this futon mattress once in a while. Well, it’s quite easy. Just take a damp cloth and wipe the mattress for a cleaner surface.

It weighs around 28 pounds which makes it lighter than most of the futon mattresses in the market. This makes it very easy and convenient to move this mattress across any room without additional help.

Dimensions: 75.00″ x 54.00″ x 6.00″

8. Home Life 8″ Futon Mattress with Pocket Coil System


home life futon mattress

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Home Life has engineered this 8″ full-size futon mattress to provide sheer comfort and full-support with the help of its 522 independently encased 15-gauge pocket coils. Crafted to fit any full-size futon frame, this mattress promises you the dreamiest slumber that you won’t be expecting from a futon mattress. 

This futon mattress by home life only uses high-quality foam and polyester layering in between the cover and pocket coils for optimal comfort and luxurious feel. It is available in three colors: Tan, Charcoal Black, and Chocolate Brown.

All colors look rich; you are free to choose according to the theme of your room where you’re going to place this futon.

With all three premium colors, this futon mattress can easily ace both metal as well as wooden futon frame with the same impact. Use it as a guest bed or a futon, this mattress will never fail to impress you with the quality of comfort and support it has to offer.

9. Mozaic Trupedic 6-Inch Futon Mattress 


Mozaic Trupedic 6-Inch Futon Mattress 

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This classic futon mattress from Mozaic allows you relax in style with it cotton-wrapped foam construction-fill to guarantee maximum comfort. This full-size futon mattress features a lace tufted fabric that gives it a sofa-like appearance and superior look.

Having such a comfortable design, this futon mattress easily converts into a bed and sofa as per your requirements. It is the best small-space solution to add value to your small room, dorm room, living room, or any space you’d like.

This futon mattress embraces dual gel and stylish upholstery-grade polyester cover which makes it reversible and durable. You can clean the spots on the mattress with the cold water and mild detergent.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Dusty Blue, Cinnamon, Ivory, Khaki, Navy, Red, Silver.

10. 6″ Memory Foam Futon Mattress by DHP


Memory Foam Futon Mattress

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When it comes to best futon mattresses brand on Amazon, DHP is probably ruling the market with its premium products at quite reasonable rates. Why we say DHP is best? Well there are three reasons: Style, Comfort, and & Use of Premium Quality Materials. With the foam and polyester layered between the cover and coils, this 6″ futon mattress takes care of your comfort whether you use it as a sofa or as a bed.

This 6″ full-size futon mattress is a unique and functional piece of furniture made from certified foam without the use of ozone depletes, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. It takes care of VOC emissions in your room and never compromises your indoor air quality. With the perfect fusion of innovation and design, this futon mattress is a perfect sofa-turned-bed for your condo or home, your dorm or first apartment.

It weighs around 50 pounds which can be easily moved from one place to another.

Dimensions: 75″L x 54″W x 6″H


All the mattresses mentioned above are shipped vacuum-packed. Allow a few days to expand themselves to their full size.

A futon can prove you be cool and functional furniture for your small apartment, small office space, and even your dorm room. If you don’t have space and budget for complete furniture, a guest bed, or a luxurious sofa, you should rather invest in futons – a wonderful piece of furniture that serve various purposes for your varying needs.

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How to choose the right futon mattress?

You may have different reasons to invest in a futon mattress. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist for you which will help you choose the right one for your reasons.


Before buying a futon mattress, you must be aware how often will you be using your futon as a bed. If you have friends and relatives who like to crash on your place every once in a while, you should invest in a top-quality mattress with durable design and darker color. But if you are looking forward to use the mattress as a bed 3-4 times an year, you can go for lighter colors and mid-range designs that aren’t necessarily durable. If you choose light colors, make sure you don’t spill things over and give it stains.


You must read and understand your room decor before you buy a futon mattress. It must match the theme of your room decor to enhance the vibe. The last thing you want in your room is an odd-looking mattress that might force you to reconsider giving it back. So, before you choose your futon mattress and frame, make sure it makes your room look better.

Get a Cover

Getting a washable futon mattress cover is actually a great idea. It gives you freedom to lay on your mattress without the worries of staining it. Even if you stain it accidentally, you can remove the cover and wash it with your laundry without compromising the look of your mattress.


Thickness of a mattress is directly proportional to the comfort it is going to offer. Therefore, you might want to consider the thickness of the mattress before you buy it. If you are think to use the mattress more as bed for yourself or your guests, you should go for the 8″ mattresses from DHP mentioned above.


Like all other mattresses and beds, futons also come in different sizes. Therefore, know the size of your futon frame before you buy a mattress for it. You don’t want your mattress hanging out of the frame or just leaving empty space on the frame. If you have a full-size futon frame, go for full-size futon mattress. As simple as that.

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