A Garden Tub: Your Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade

garden tub

A garden tub is a luxury item that most people don’t know they need until they have one. The best thing about these bathtubs is that they can be installed in any bathroom, regardless of the size or shape, and will fit nicely into any budget. Read on to learn more about this luxurious upgrade for your bathroom!

What’s is a garden tub?

A garden tub is a freestanding bathtub that can take your bathroom from drab to fab. If you’re tired of the standard tub and need something more luxurious, consider adding one of these beautiful fixtures into your next remodel or new home build project.

How a garden tub is different from a traditional tub?

The largest difference a garden tub has from your standard tub is the size. Garden tubs are usually longer and deeper than traditional bathtubs, allowing you to sink into luxurious waters for hours of relaxation time. This type of sunken bathtub can be installed in place of an existing shower or bathroom vanity area as well, giving you another option when remodeling that space

What Are The Benefits Of Garden Tubs

There are several benefits to adding this unique style fixture into your home’s decorating plans. Because they’re freestanding baths, there isn’t any need to alter plumbing hookups already established in your bathroom design layout or floor plan; it simply needs its own dedicated electrical line run so water heating options will work properly.

Another benefit garden tubs offer is their ability to be customized. If you have a specific size in mind or want your tub to stand out with color, this is one of the few fixtures that can accomplish this goal.

What are common colors?

Most garden tubs come in standard white and bone shades, but some companies like American Standard offer multiple colors for their cast iron designs. These unique finishes will give you more options when it comes time to do remodeling work down the road as well

What materials should I choose from?

There are several different material options on the market today when choosing a garden tub fixture: fiberglass, enameled steel, or even acrylic resin may be available depending on what brand you’re looking for. However if budget is an issue then there are even some made from concrete. These can be molded to almost any shape or size and are usually finished with an acrylic coating for a beautiful shine that’s easy to clean after use.

Are Garden Tubs Same As Soaking Tubs?

No, garden tubs are similar to soaking tubs but not the same. Soaking baths can be freestanding as well and may have jets for a relaxing bubble bath effect in addition to larger size options like garden tubs do; however they also sometimes need built-in plumbing hookups since some of them come with pumps that allow you to adjust water pressure levels while bathing.

How Much Do Garden Tubs Cost?

Garden tub costs vary depending on materials used and overall design style. Most range from $300 – $500 dollars installed although higher end models could cost up to or over one thousand dollars when it comes time for installation work. Keep this amount in mind when deciding what type of material option is best suited for your budget and design plans.

How do I maintain my garden tub?

The best way to keep your new bathtub looking like new is through regular cleaning with a non-abrasive cleanser that’s safe for the material it’s made from, such as cast iron or enameled steel models. Fiberglass units are more delicate so should be cleaned only with mild soap solutions used sparingly on these types of baths in order to avoid scratching the surface if an abrasive cleaner comes into contact with them during use.

What styles can you get?

Garden tubs come in many different shapes and sizes including round, oval, square, rectangular, and free form designs depending on what works best within your bathroom space layout plan. When choosing the right one for your bathroom, be sure to measure the available space carefully and allow room on all sides of this fixture so it can fit in easily without coming into contact with other fixtures or furniture.

How do I install a garden tub?

Installing a new bathtub is an easy DIY project that requires some basic plumbing knowledge but not much more than that. You’ll need to cut out sections of drywall where you want the new unit installed; however, if you’re replacing another type of shower stall then it’s usually simply a matter of removing old tiles from below since they will already have been set up properly by professionals during installation work before. Once the clear area has been cleared away, make sure subflooring beneath the floor tile surface is sturdy and can support additional weight added from the unit itself.

Top 5 Garden Tubs

1. Kohler K-6487 Memoirs Freestanding Tub

This freestanding garden tub is unique from others on the market since it features a classic pedestal design that works well in small spaces and smaller bathrooms. It’s made with an enameled steel material which helps to prevent rusting or chipping, ensuring this fixture will last for years under regular use conditions.

The dimensions of this Kohler model are: Length – 60″ (152 cm) Width – 30″ (76cm)) Depth – 16″ (40cm) Height- 37″(94cm). This is one of the biggest bathroom sinks with a capacity of 300 lbs when put in securely beneath floor tile surface by a professional plumber.

2. American Standard M990A090 Freestanding Soaking Bath Tub

This freestanding bath tub from American Standard is large in size and built with a smooth, slick exterior that’s easy to clean after use. It has an acrylic finish coating over the steel material which helps to prevent rusting or chipping while its deep design allows for greater water capacity during regular bathing sessions. It also comes with faucet fixtures as well so you can easily enjoy your favorite shower head sprayer at the same time when using this unit.

The dimensions are: Length – 70″ (178 cm) Width – 32″ (81cm)) Depth – 22″(56cm). Height- 37.(94cm). When installed correctly beneath the floor tile surface by a professional plumber, this device weighs approximately 418 pounds.

3. American Standard 486820841727 Lancaster Soaking Bathtub with Right Hand Drain

This American Standard model is one of its most popular full-size bathtubs on the market and allows for a variety of installation options. This unit can be installed freestanding as well as with wall surrounds so you can use it in either small or large bathrooms depending on your design plans. It has an acrylic finish coating over the steel material which helps to prevent rusting or chipping while its deep design allows for greater water capacity during regular bathing sessions.

The dimensions are: Length – 70″ (178 cm) Width- 36″(91cm)) Depth – 22″(56cm). Height- 37.(94cm). The weight of this unit is approximately 416 lbs when installed properly into subflooring beneath floor tile surface during installation work by plumber.

4. Toto CST454SG01 Drake II Two Piece Elongated 70″ x 32″ Whirlpool/Soaking Bathtub in White

This Toto model is a two-piece elongated bathtub that allows for more water capacity during regular bathing sessions. It comes with an enameled steel finish that helps to prevent rusting or chipping while its deep design makes this unit ideal for smaller bathrooms as well. The dimensions are: Length – 70″ (178 cm) Width- 32″ (81cm)) Depth – 22″(56cm). Height- 37.(94cm). When installed correctly into the subflooring beneath the floor tile surface by a professional plumber, this equipment weighs about 418 lbs.

5. Vitreous China Oval Garden Tub, 72″, Antique Bone Glaze Finish and Overflow Drain

This oval garden tub features a vintage look with its antique bone glaze finish and is designed to fit in both small and large bathrooms. Its deep design allows for greater water capacity during regular bathing sessions while it’s made from Vitreous China material which is durable enough to withstand daily use over many years of ownership.

The dimensions are: Length – 72″ (183 cm) Width- 33″(83cm)) Depth – 20″(51cm). Height- 37.(94cm). When properly installed into subflooring beneath the floor tile surface by a skilled plumbing contractor, this unit weighs approximately 360 lbs.

Should I get a garden tub for my bathroom?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. A good place to start is by determining whether or not it’s legal in your state and if there are any zoning restrictions that limit the use of the space where you plan to install the tub. After you’ve determined that, it’s time to consider what size will work best in your bathroom and how much space you have around the perimeter of your room.

A garden tub is a large soaking bathtub designed for added comfort and relaxation while bathing. Garden tubs are not exactly like standard full-size baths because they’re usually deeper, wider, and can be customized with different features.

The first thing to consider when planning the installation of your new garden tub is whether there’s enough space in your bathroom for it. So, if you have a budget, space, and willingness for the luxury that follows, you should definitely get one.

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