Brilliant Home Automation Ideas For 2021

home automation ideas

Home automation has become a new trend in the home improvement industry. It sure deserves all the hype it’s got. After all, a smart home is safer, convenient, and has a greater net worth. Automation basically includes automating home appliances, lighting, security, and entertainment systems for a modern smart home. With the advancement in technology in recent years, light and money-saving efficient smart homes are now possible. Automating your home has pretty much endless advantages and once you are aware of its benefits there is no going back. According to an analysis by Research and Market, the global home automation and security control market was worth $5.77 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $12.81 billion by 2020. 

The concept of home automation was introduced in the early 90’s and now, with the help of technological advancements, the concept has become more appealing and in demand for households. Mobile apps act as a bridge between the user and the business, the same way in the home automation process mobile apps act as a platform between the user and the smart devices for hassle-free control. The home automation industry has endless possibilities and with each passing day there is a new development in this field. 

We have researched and put together some of the best home automation ideas that will make your life simple and reduce your electricity bills. 

1. Smart Lighting Automation

smart lighting

Automatic lighting facilities have the highest share in the home automation sector. Adding voice control devices will introduce the next level of luxury to your house. Google Home and Amazon Echo are perfect examples of lighting automation devices. It lets you control your lights through a voice command. The product has very basic features for light automation. 

Philips Hue Light or Philips Wake Up Light let’s you adjust your lighting system according to your bedtime. The light is synced with your alarm and when the alarm is about to buzz it will start to get a little brighter.

Most lighting automation products will perform according to the preferences set. You can set a sunrise alarm, lighting brightness and dimness control, lighting turn on when someone enters the home, and even night light preferences.

You can even automate your home lighting system to be never at full brightness or introduce an energy management system that can have a look at how the energy of the solar panel is being utilized in the house and then accordingly manage and put where it is needed.

Light automation also works considering the natural light available. If more natural light is available in the room, the room lighting adjusts itself and gives dims the light to save electricity. 

Most lighting systems will allow you to set your bedside lamp preferences in the mobile app so that it gives just the minimum amount of light required to read a book or to have a chit chat. 

You can automate your entry and pathway lighting with the help of geofencing. This ensures that the lights automatically turn on before you enter and turn off after you leave.

2. Smart Security Ideas

smart security systems in house

When it comes to automating security devices for a safer and more secure place, various brands offer home security systems at affordable monthly rates. Automating security devices include smart lock systems, motion-detecting sensors, and leakage sensors. 

A Zircon Leak Alert WiFi will instantly detect any possible leaks through its motion sensors so that you can easily shut down the water supply until it is repaired. 

Ring + EchoShow5 is a solution for security lights. The motion-sensitive flood lights help to detect any suspicious activity and will trigger the lights where the motion is detected. You will also receive a text message on your phone when any suspicious motion is detected by the cameras. 

The ring video doorbell is also a device for the automated security of homes. The doorbell comes with a 720p HD video that let’s the stranger speak and the people inside the house will be able to hear and reply to it. It also has a ring app through which you can have 24*7 access to what is happening at your home. You can also connect it with Alexa for a hands-free experience. The device is very easy to install and just takes a few minutes to get ready to use.

Creating personalized codes for every member also helps in keeping the home secure and notifies you about the arrival of that person. 

You can automate your door locks to ensure doors are locked automatically when nobody’s home and you can check the same with the help of a mobile application.

3. Entertainment and Music Automation 

entertainment automation

Entertainment automation is the future, gone are the times when people preferred the traditional way of operating things. Smart speakers are the demand of the new generation, through these, you can stream music in every room and that too without the complication of wires. 

Automatically starting a TV without using a remote is also possible with the help of Alexa. The voice assistant will help you to start the TV and scroll through different channels and control the volume as well. If you find difficulty in finding your remote, just triple tap the light switch and the remote will immediately start beeping. Entertainment and music automation also involves automatically dimming the lights while watching a movie to have a theater feel.

When it’s bedtime, the automated entertainment units automatically turns off and helps in reducing unnecessary bills.

A lot has already been done in terms of smart music ideas. You can even activate music in the bathroom by turning the shower lights on and if you want to customize your songs you can change that too in your audio settings.

4. In-House Climate Control Ideas 

automated climate control in house

Automation devices will help you to maintain an optimum temperature in your house by detecting the outside temperature.

Google Nest Smart Thermostats are a popular choice for in-house climate control. It uses a location sensor and with the help of that will automatically cool the house before you arrive. The system also detects the outside temperature and accordingly adjusts the inside temperature. The device is energy efficient and money-saving. 

The facility of automatic curtains or drapes is also available in the market. The drape is adjusted with the sunrise and sunset time and accordingly positions itself without any human touch. 

If you have a fireplace at your house you can even light that up just by using a mobile app. 

Feeling a little more, you can even order your voice assistant to keep everything on sleep mode so that there is no light up and the blinds also remain down.

5. Automated Alerts and Notifications

automated alerts and notifications

People usually forget their small tasks due to busy schedules. An automated alert or notification for household chores will be beneficial. 

Get automated message alerts when there is any leakage or gas-related issue. Reminders to take the trash out, take medication on time, switch off the heater, notify when the oven is heated, switch off the fans and lights when not in use.

Automated notifications will help you to be more punctual and also help you save electricity and money. 

If the mobile screen time exceeds the hour set up by you, the app will instantly notify you and you will not be able to check your phone for some particular time.


The concept of a smart house is no longer a dream, it’s happening and is continuously improving because of such great advancements in the field of technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have made a major contribution to the growth of this concept. According to City-Data, the United States has the highest rate of involvement with 5.8% in the smart home market. Other countries are even slowly adopting this concept because of the ease and with a motive to save electricity for the future.

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