How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets?

how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets

Cockroaches are gross and can be a real problem for many people, especially those living in an apartment or condo. How do you get rid of them? How do you prevent them from coming back? You might be tempted to reach for a can of poison, but that’s not the best option. Using poison will likely result in roach carcasses all over your kitchen cabinets and floors, which is even more unsanitary than just having them living there! This blog post will answer all your questions about how to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen cabinets – in a healthy way!

10 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Make Sure There is Nothing for Them to Eat in Your Cabinets

The best way to keep roaches out of your kitchen cabinets is by making sure there’s nothing for them to eat. Keeping food sealed up tightly and out of sight is a good start, but any crumbs or bugs who somehow find their way in your cabinets will lead to more cockroaches. How do you keep them from entering? Make sure the openings around your sink are closed off with rubber plugs (or something else that won’t let roaches through).

2. Keep things clean!

Keeping everything neat and tidy not only looks nice, it also keeps critters at bay. This includes under the sink, around the pipes and vents – anywhere roaches might hide. If you’re brave enough to clean your cabinets out from top-to-bottom, go for it!

3. Use a Cockroach Gel Bait

If there are still some pesky cockroaches lurking in your kitchen (or if they just keep coming back), use a cockroach gel bait. Non toxic gels like Combat Roach Killing Bait work by transferring an enticing smell that lures the roaches into eating them as they crawl along walls or ceilings. The poison is transferred through their digestive system where it will kill them after several hours of ingestion. How does this happen without poisoning anything else? It works because only female roachers can digest what’s inside the gel. How awesome is that!

4. Use Sticky Traps Around Your Cabinets

Sticky traps are a great way to keep roaches away from your cabinets. How do they work? They’re covered in a sticky substance that will trap any bugs who come across them, so be sure not to place these near food sources as the roach’s death might contaminate what you eat next!

5. Use Diatomaceous Earth for a Last Resort

If you really can’t shake the roaches that are invading your kitchen, it might be time to reach for diatomaceous earth. It kills them by drying out their exoskeleton and causing all those tiny little pores to rupture, which will lead to death from dehydration or suffocation.

Be warned: while safe for humans in small doses, DE is dangerous if inhaled so avoid breathing dust!

How do I apply it? You want an even layer of about two-inches deep around doorways and cabinets; sprinkle some on top of any cracks or crevices in the walls – where they like to hide – then cover with plastic wrap (or something else) so they don’t get

6. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great way to keep roaches out of your kitchen cabinets. It’s a cheap and easy option that can be sprinkled around doorways, cracks, and crevices in the walls – where they like to hide – then covered with plastic wrap (or something else) so they don’t get inside. Roaches usually won’t go near anything that smells too strongly!

7. With Boric Acid

Boric acid is another option you can try. It’s toxic to roaches in high concentrations and will kill them if they come in contact with enough of the powder, which means you only have to use small amounts around your cabinets or other areas where they hang out (like under the sink). The downside: boric acid isn’t as effective against more than one insect at time – so be prepared!

8. Essential Oils To Keep Cockroaches Away

If you’re looking for a natural, non-toxic way to keep roaches out of your cabinets, try using essential oils. The strong smell that comes from these oils is enough to deter them and will overpower the lingering “food” smells in the cabinet.

Some good options are lavender or peppermint oil because they have an awesome scent! You can also mix up things like cinnamon with water (or alcohol) if you want something more potent – just be sure not to spill it on anything edible as this might taint what you eat next!

9. Citrus Can Also Help

Citrus peels are another option you can try. Roaches don’t like the smell and will stay away from anything citrus-scented. How to do it? Cut a lemon, grapefruit or orange in half and rub them against your cabinets (or anywhere else roaches might be lurking!), then leave as is for several hours – or until they dry up!

The acidity of these fruits will keep them safe enough to eat while providing an effective barrier at the same time without any chemicals. What’s not to love?

10. Mint Leaves Can Work Too

Like boric acid, mint leaves also contain high concentrations of neem which means that if roaches come in contact with this leafy herb, even just a few grains, they’ll die. How to use it? Place a handful of mint leaves in an old tissue or paper towel and tie up the ends so that you have something roaches can’t get into but will be able to smell its scent!

You want to place this around doorways or cracks where cockroaches might try to squeeze through (and not near food)! Change these out every week for best results.”

Cockroaches Out Of My Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping cockroaches out of my cabinets isn’t an impossible feat; just take some time every day or week to make sure everything is clean and tidy before you leave the kitchen.

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