How to Store Blankets in The Living Room – 7 Coolest Ideas

blanket storage ideas in living room

I love a good blanket. Not just for keeping warm, but as a great way to spruce up a living room! You might have been looking for ways to store blankets in the living room without having them take up so much space. Lucky for you, there are many different options out there that help me stay organized and stylish! In this blog post, I’ll go over some ideas of how you can store your blankets in your living room.

1. A Chic Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder

I love this blanket ladder by Pottery Barn! It adds a subtle style to your living room. I also like that you can hang it in an unused corner so it doesn’t take up much of the floor space. However, the blankets are still very accessible when needed.

This blanket ladder can hold up to eight blankets or scarves. You do have to assemble it yourself, but the instructions are easy enough for most people to follow. It’s also made of solid wood so you know that this is a high-quality product!

2. Shelves Would Be Great

blankets on shelves

If you want a more permanent solution to your blanket storage, shelves are usually the way to go. I think this one from The Container Store is great because it has a soft fabric on each shelf so that your blankets don’t get scratched or scuffed up. Plus, they look really stylish! You can put these in any room of the house, but I particularly like how it looks in a living room next to a fireplace and coffee table.

There’s also space for other things such as books, candles, etc., which works out well if you need a place for those too!

3. Bohemian Storage Baskets

Bohemian storage baskets

OMG, I love everything bohemian. These boho storage baskets look so chic and stylish, but it also gives a sense of warmth to your living room! I have actually used these in my bedroom before because they look great next to a bed with some candles on top.

Some of these baskets are large enough for you to store quite a few blankets inside them as well, which is nice if you want something that can hold quite a bit without taking up too much space. The best part about using these boxes is how easy it makes finding the blanket I’m looking for when I need one…no more digging through piles or shelves!

You can find these at many different furniture stores including Pier One Imports and West Elm too! However, keep an eye out online – it’s just more convenient.

4. Ottoman With Storage

ottoman with storage

There are some ottoman on Amazon that might not look like a storage box, but they do have an inside compartment you can use to store blankets. They’re also very spacious and sturdy enough that you won’t accidentally break or spill things when moving them around!

I think this is best for people who want something versatile in their living room because of how many different uses there are for these types of ottomans. You can put them at the foot of your bed during the day, then move them up next to a couch or chair during dinner time or movie night! Sometimes I even just sit on mine – you just never know with some people ;).

5. Sofa With Storage

sofa with storage

I normally wouldn’t recommend this, but, in case you’re looking to replace your living room furniture as well, you might get a sofa or a couch with storage.

This way, each time you get new blankets or pillows, they’ll already have a place to go! I think that’s the best part about this storage – it just makes life easier.

The reason why I wouldn’t normally suggest getting something like this is that if you ever want to redecorate your entire living room again (which might happen), then there will be some issues since sofas aren’t exactly cheap…but maybe for now?

6. Wicker Storage Boxes

wicker storage

I absolutely love wicker baskets and boxes. They look so classy and stylish, but they’ll also fit in with your living room decor! These are great for those who want to store blankets somewhere more inconspicuous such as a coffee table or bookshelf.

You can find these at stores like Pier One Imports again, however, you should check out places like HomeGoods too because sometimes they have even better deals on other things! There are some really great options on Amazon as well.

These storage boxes do come in many different sizes – some of them aren’t very big which is good if you don’t need something large enough to hold tons of items.

7. A Decorative Cupboard Maybe?

decorative cupboard for storing blankets

If you have an old antique cupboard or a really nice piece of furniture with storage, it would be a shame not to put your blankets in there!

These cupboards look so chic and stylish – they’re definitely one of my favorite ways to store things. I just think that having these types of cabinets in the living room is perfect because when guests come over, they can simply open up this cabinet for all their blanket needs ;). You might need some help finding something like this too…unless you already own one?

I found quite a few options on Amazon if anyone is interested in checking them out :).

I hope these ideas help you find ways of storing your favorite blanket without having them take up too much space in your home. Remember, no matter what option you choose, staying organized always makes things more convenient and stylish at the same time!

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