Get Inspired with These 11 Stunning Ledge Decorating Ideas

ledge decorating ideas

Ledge decorating can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. This post has 5 stunning ledge decorating ideas for you! From a minimalistic approach with plants and succulents to an antique-inspired look that includes china and lace, we’ll walk you through the basics of each style. Keep reading below to get inspired by these creative ledge decorating ideas!

1. Succulents & Air Plants

succulents on the ledge

You can add a lot of spruce to your ledge with some plants! Succulents and air plants work well for this look. A great way to keep your ledge décor simple is by having just one or two types of plants in the same color palette.

You can also combine different textures from smooth leaves to prickly cactus spines! The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing up succulents and air plants. And if you’re looking for a bit more variety, try adding small topiaries. They add an extra dose of garden charm without taking over the entire space.

2. Have Vines Growing Down Your Ledge

ledge decorating ideas


Another popular choice among homeowners is vines growing on ledges. If you want to give your ledge the natural look of vines, this is a great option for you! Use plants and flowers that grow down instead of up – like ivy or clematis.

You can also use small topiaries on your ledge as well if you’re looking for more variety. Keep in mind though that vines do require some maintenance over time so be prepared to water them occasionally and trim them as needed!

Don’t forget that there are many types of materials used when building ledges including wood, metal, plastic and stone. It doesn’t matter what type of material it is because whatever works best for your home is always best!

3. Candlesticks Look Great On Ledges Too

candlesticks on ledge

Candlesticks are another great option when it comes to decorating ledges. You can place them in the middle of your ledge or by themselves on one end for a simple look. Candles aren’t just pretty though – they’re practical too because not only will they help illuminate your space but also keep bugs away!

The possibilities with candlestick ledge décor are endless so get creative with how many ways you can display them around your home. Whether it is inside near windowsills or outside perched up against walls, you’ll love the way they look in your home!

4. Custom Neon Signs

custom neon lights

If you want to give your ledge some extra flair this year then custom neon signs could be what you’ve been looking for! They come in different colors so pick one or two of your favorite hues and go from there. You can customize your own signage or find pre-made neon signs online to fit with any décor style you choose!

Neon signs are inexpensive, easy to install and really stand out. There’s no doubt that neon lights will brighten up your space so you can see them from far away!

So what type of sign should you use? It all depends on the room it’ll be hung in – there is everything from classic “open” restaurant-style signage to brightly lit bar signs for displaying drink specials. Whatever works best for your home décor, go with that!

5. Family Photo Frames

family photo frames

For a simple yet elegant look, try hanging family photo frames on your ledge. You can put them all in one straight line or stagger them for more visual interest!

Just make sure not to overcrowd your space with too much clutter because the idea isn’t about how many frames you have up there but rather what type of theme they create together. Of course, if you want to add more then that’s always an option!

Don’t forget to change out your photos from time to time too. You can even rotate them seasonally for a different look every few months or so.

6. Personal Artwork

personal artwork

Personal artwork, including paintings and photographs printed on canvas, are another way to dress up your ledges. They can be put on the ledge in any arrangement you choose so the possibilities really are endless!

Framed art is a great option for adding texture to your ledge décor as well because it comes in all different shapes and sizes – something for every style of home. You could even mount small pieces flat against the wall if you wanted an easy DIY look without frames getting in the way!

Whatever type of artwork you like best will work especially when combined with other elements such as plants or photo frames. And don’t forget that there’s no rule book here; do what feels right for you based on your personal taste preferences!

7. Family Signs

family signs

Family signs are great for putting up on ledges because they’re practical and decorative at the same time! You can hang them flat against walls or lay them down so that they look like chalkboards.

The possibilities with family signs are endless because you get to choose what type of material it’s made out of, how big it is, plus what words you want to be written across the front. This means that no two family sign ideas will be exactly alike which makes each one unique in its own way.

You could even make your own custom sign if writing isn’t really your strong suit by using vinyl lettering instead! These types of letters are easy to stick onto almost any surface including wood surfaces but also do well when hung inside too if you don’t want to put nails in the walls.

8. Antiques


Antiques are another great way to bring vintage elements into your ledge décor! You could use any number of antique accessories that you have laying around the house such as vases, plants or small trinkets.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for pieces with interesting shapes and designs because they’ll look much better displayed on your ledges than those which are completely plain in appearance. For instance, a vintage plant pot might be ideal but one without curves would not bring about the same effect!

So take a walk through your home and see what types of antiques you already own before going out to buy anything new. You may discover that there’s plenty of décor options right under your nose if only you took another look at things from a different perspective!

9. Vases

vases on ledge

Vases are another great way to dress up your ledges because they come in all different shapes, sizes and materials that can bring about one-of-a-kind looks when combined together.

You might have some vases already lying around the house whether in storage or tucked away inside cabinets. If so then these will be perfect for you to use since you don’t need to purchase any new ones! Just make sure that whatever color scheme you’re going with is represented among the various pieces of pottery too (if not matching) which brings us nicely onto our next idea.

10. Pottery


Pottery is another type of ledge décor that works well together because it’s all the same material and therefore will go with each other easily. You can choose any color scheme you like for this one but just remember to stick to it so there isn’t too much clashing going on!

Like vases, pottery comes in various shapes, sizes and colors which makes finding pieces at your local store or online easy-peasy (although if you want something more specific then by all means search far and wide!). Just make sure they aren’t chipped either as these won’t look very good up on display.

11. Rocks & Pebbles


Rocks are another kind of natural elements that work really well when used as part of your ledge decor! They can be placed in a wide variety of containers from simple glass jars to ornate vases and urns with floral arrangements.

Adding these types of elements into your home is a great way to bring the outdoors inside, especially if you live in an urban setting where it’s easy for nature to take a backseat sometimes. Just remember that even though they’re natural objects, rocks will still need looking after so either put them out of reach or away from moisture sources such as water features, sinks and showers.


Don’t be afraid to try new things when ledge decorating. You never know what you might find that works for you! There are lots of different styles and themes out there, so go ahead and get inspired with these five ideas above. Then start exploring other options on Pinterest or at local markets – who knows where it will lead you!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to ledge decorating because each space is unique in its own way. The main thing though is making sure it looks clean, simple and makes sense for both inside and outside spaces around your home. Don’t forget about adding plants either if they match well with your theme or color palette too!

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