Mandala Tapestry Meaning & Best Indian Mandala Tapestries on Amazon

mandala tapestry

Mandala Tapestry

The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language, which means a circle. Mandala is a highly used term in Hinduism and Buddhism, which represent the sense of wholeness on the spiritual level. In the modern era, people use this term for any circular geometrical pattern.

Mandala tapestry is a unique form of art where a mandala is printed on a fabric which can be used as a wall hanging, bed sheet, sofa cover, yoga or meditation mat, beach covers, picnic blankets, or ceiling cover. It is trendy among today’s youth. An Indian Mandala Wall Tapestry brings the aesthetic and pleasing touch to your home décor and attracts the power of positivity. Having it in your room gives you the sense of wholeness and good vibes. That’s why the young generation prefers having mandala tapestries in their bedrooms and dorm rooms.

Mandala tapestry is the perfect symbol of introspection in hippie culture. People find this unique and beautiful piece of art very helpful for concentration while meditating.

Why Get a Mandala Tapestry?

A simple mandala wall hanging can bring a significant change in your perspective about life. Here are plenty of ways a mandala wall hanging will help you understand yourself and the universe better.

  • Its introspection-facilitating capabilities help people to discover who they really are at the core.
  • The elaborate design of mandala helps you meet your higher self by making you understand your complexities.
  • Merely looking at a mandala will give you a sense of relaxation as it helps you relieve stress.
  • It is a perfect meditation tool which enables you to access all the inside and outside spiritual knowledge.
  • It helps you get rid of negative thoughts and become a more positive person in life.
  • A mandala can unlock incredible concentration and focus abilities of your mind.
  • The person who observes the mandala closely becomes more conscious and aware of oneself and the people around.
  • It helps you unleash your creative side.
  • Studying and observing a mandala can induce the state of trance and absolute bliss.

Though there is no scientific proof for all of these mandala benefits, this study confirms that coloring mandala effectively reduces the stress levels in corporate employees.

10 Best Indian Mandala Wall Tapestries in Amazon

Amazon has a vast collection of mandala tapestries that come in varying sizes and colors. Our team decided to browse these designs to find the best ones for you.

1. Blue Mandala Sheet for Wall


Blue Mandala Sheet for Wall

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This gorgeous wall tapestry features an incredibly intricate manually printed mandala showcasing the best of Indian craftsmanship.

2. Blue, Pink, & White Mandala Wall Hanging


Blue, Pink, & White Mandala Wall Hanging

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Printed over a high-quality polyester fabric, this wall hanging features the best use of eye-pleasing colors to form an absolutely exquisite mandala pattern.

3. Black & White Mandala Sheet for Wall


black and white mandala tapestry

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If you’re more into black-and-white rather than colorful patterns, this tapestry will do great justice to your choice as well as the room where you’re going to hang this.

4. Green Mandala Tapestry


Green Mandala Tapestry

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Made from 100% cotton, this mandala ombre tapestry is the perfect fusion of eastern motifs and modern concepts. Its unusually beautiful pattern will make your walls pop.

5. Gray Indian Bohemian Design Tapestry


Gray Indian Bohemian Design Tapestry

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This wall hanging tapestry uses vibrant colors and beautiful pattern, which shows quite fashionable and appealing effects. The color goes with any kind of décor and stand out on dull surfaces.

6. Purple Mandala Wall Tapestry


Purple Mandala Wall Tapestry

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This masterpiece is the perfect combination of style, detailing, and Indian craftsmanship. This unique and intricate artwork can give your room a complete makeover.

7. Round Peacock Mandala Tapestry


Round Peacock Mandala Tapestry

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Round in shape, this tapestry features a traditional design built to brighten up any space with perfection. Its rich print and ethnic design make it a perfect embellishment to your dorm room, bedroom, or living room.

8. Black & White Mandala Tapestry


Black & White Mandala Tapestry

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Here comes another great design and black and white. It’s so clean and refreshing for any room. The white mandala over the black background is the highlight. You cannot unsee it.

9. Hamsa Hand of Fatima Tapestry


Hamsa Hand of Fatima Tapestry

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The Hand, The Lotus, & The Mandala – It seems like this tapestry has all the elements of healing, enlightenment, and spirituality. Bring this home, and the positive vibes will follow.

10. Pink & White Mandala Wall Hanging


Pink & White Mandala Wall Hanging

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If you’re not into too vibrant colors, you can go for this decent looking pink and white tapestry with minimal use of color. It’s soothing and bright. Use this in the combination of gray marble textural design, and it will revitalize any room effortlessly.

What Does Different Colors Of Mandala Signify?

You might have noticed that the mandala tapestries come in different colors. Well, the color of a mandala is not just about a style statement. There are a lot to it. Each color in a mandala has unique meaning and significance.

  • Pink Mandala: The color pink in mandala represents feminine beauty, grace, and intuition.
  • Black Mandala: Black color signifies a person’s individuality, insightful thinking, and deep understanding.
  • Red Mandala: Red mandala represents the passionate and energetic nature of human.
  • Blue Mandala: If you are attracted to blue color mandala tapestry, you probably believe in medication, inner peace, and healing.
  • Green Mandala: A green mandala signifies one’s psychic abilities, love and care for nature and all its beings.
  • Purple Mandala: The purple color in a mandala represents one’s spiritual self.
  • Yellow Mandala: Yellow is the color of happiness, light, laughter, and positivity.
  • Orange Mandala: An orange is the color if self-awareness, transformation, creativity, intuition, and spiritual healing.

Different Uses of Mandala Tapestry

A mandala tapestry has wide range of applications in your daily life. Let’s find out different ways in which you can use a mandala tapestry:

1. Home Decoration

A mandala tapestry is mostly used for decorative purposes. It has become very popular among today’s youth as a wall décor item. You can transform your room completely by hanging it on a wall. People around the world also use it as a bed sheet, sofa cover, table cloth, or a curtain.

2. Meditation

A mandala tapestry is considered to be very helpful tool for meditation. It is believed that simple and intricate patterns of a mandala help in improving the focus and concentration while meditating. It also keeps your mind free from negative thoughts. When you’re observing a mandala closely, you become more aware of your subconscious mind and understand how the things are subconsciously happening around you. It also strengthens your intuitive skills and sense of self. You become a better and mindful person by meditating with mandalas.

3. Beach Blanket, Shawl, or Wrap

Mandala tapestries create such a style statement on beaches. If you love the bohemian or hippie style, you can use a tapestry as your beach cover. Trust me; it will get many eyes on you because of your unique style and hippie vibe. You can also use it as a shawl or body wrap on the cold days.

4. Yoga Mat

You can simple spread the mandala tapestry on the floor and use it as a yoga mat. While you’re practicing your yoga poses over a mandala, it will make sure the positive vibes are attracted towards you, and you make the most of yoga session.

5. Room Separator

We have seen many students in dorm use tapestry as a room separator. We must say that a tapestry is a very stylish way to separate a room. It makes your room look good and full of colors.

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The Meaning behind Various Mandala Tapestry Symbols



Flower Mandala Tapestry

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A flower mandala represents growth and blossom. When you have a flower mandala around, it means you are attracting the means to the evolution and growth of your higher-self.



Sun mandala tapestry

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Sun in a mandala signifies the whole universe. It is the symbol of hope, light, life, and energy. Having a sun mandala around you helps in sustaining all forms of life.

Tree Of Life


tree of life tapestry

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A tree of life is a very strong symbol where every part of the tree has a different meaning. The root of the tree represents a grounding force which keeps us connected to our roots. The leaves represent strength and aspirations. The branches are the spine. On the whole, a tree presents the human being with its roots and strength.



Labyrinth mandala tapestry

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A labyrinth represents the path or the journey that leads us to be a better self who is more enlightened and whole.



Elephant mandala tapestry

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We can see mandalas with different animals printed on them. They all have different meanings depending on the nature of the animal on the mandala. For example, a lion represents the leadership qualities, the tiger represents the strength, and an elephant represents the wisdom.



heart tapestry

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A heart on the mandala represents the love and devotion towards nature and all its living beings. It may also represent life.

Ways to Hang a Mandala Tapestry

  1. Use Velcro: A Velcro tape is probably the easiest way to hang a tapestry. Stick one side of the tape to the wall and other to the top side of tapestry.
  2. Frame It: Framing a tapestry might lead to some additional costs, but it is the best way to preserve your tapestry for a long time.
  3. Baseboard: Take a baseboard of the same size of your tapestry. Secure the sides of the tapestry on the side of the baseboard. Place it anywhere you like.
  4. Push Pins: It is the least recommended method, but people use this one because it’s one of the easiest. Simply pin the top edges or the entire top side of the tapestry to the wall and let it hang. It is not much recommended because it can put holes in your tapestry.
  5. Hang with Rod: Get a rod with the pockets in the back, and hang your tapestry as you hang the curtain.
  6. Poster Hanger: A poster hanger is also a great way to hang a tapestry. Simply replace the poster with the tapestry, and you’re done.
  7. Canopy: You can also create a canopy with the tapestry and place it anywhere you like.

Having a mandala tapestry around can make a significant change in your life. Therefore, before purchasing the one, make sure you understand its meaning and potential.

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