Best Dorm Room Tapestries To Buy in 2021

best dorm room tapestries

Dorm rooms aren’t really the cutest thing ever as you fancy them. They’re boring, mundane, and bland on their own. Sometimes, they can be worse than you expect because of the lack of maintenance. But, there is hardly anything a creative mind can’t fix.

If you are in desperate need of fixing your dorm room to make it look like your own perfect den, a cool wall tapestry is your best bet. 

Why Are Tapestries Best Décor Item For Your Dorm Room?

In recent years, tapestries have made their way to acquire an excellent reputation in the world of wall décor. They have the ability to add unique charm and essence to any dull wall. They are a beautiful form of traditional wall art that defines your personality and mindset. So, if you want to add a little pop and life to the lackluster dorm walls, be sure to express your personal style using tapestries. 

Here are the reasons why tapestries the best décor items for your college dorm room:

  • add a personalized touch
  • very low on cost
  • comes in a variety of sizes and styles
  • easy to hang
  • they’re trendy & cool

Best Dorm Room Tapestries You Can Buy From Amazon

If you’re wondering what kind of tapestry would be better for your dorm room, we might help. We took our time to go through the collection of some most beautiful dorm room wall tapestries on Amazon and picked fifteen best designs for you. Let’s check them out:

1. Floral Medallion Mandala Tapestry


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If you’re into pleasing aesthetic décor, you’d love this tapestry. It has a beautiful design featuring an Indian mandala created with fine details and soothing colors. Its floral pattern sketched over a lightweight polyester fabrics give a boho vibe and a soothing sight.

The package comes with a pack of hanging accessories including:

  • Two metal clips
  • Two mounting tapes
  • Two traceless thumbtacks

Size: 59.1” x 80”

2. Indian Mandala Tapestry for Dorm Room


mandala tapestry

If you’re inspired by the true bohemian culture and embrace hippie style, you’d love to bring this gorgeous piece of art into your dorm room. Made with premium cotton material, this tapestry brings a whole new level of elegance to your place. Inspired by ethnicity, this tapestry features a beautifully colored mandala that adds a pleasing effect to it. 

Size: M: 59” x 51” & L: 80” x 60”

3. Fiber Macramé Boho Wall Hanging


Fiber Macramé Boho Wall Hanging

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Beautifully handcrafted with unique knotting techniques, this macramé tapestry showcase exquisite, intricate pattern that is sure to make your dorm room walls stand out. You’ll completely fall in love with its minimal beauty and free-flowing tassels. With its basic color, it can fit perfectly into any kind of décor.

Size: 37” x 35”

4. Blue Mountains Silhouette Watercolor Tapestry


blue mountains tapestry

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Give your dorm room a bit of nature’s essence with these beautifully painted mountains. It’s a watercolor painted abstract tapestry that uses vivid colors to breathe life into the boring walls of your dorm room. Every time you look at this beautiful work-of-art, you feel closer to the mountains and mother earth.

Size: 60” x 80”

5. Burning Sun & Moon Tapestry


burning sun and moon tapestry

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This black-and-white mystic tapestry is perfect for any dorm room. Featuring a burning sun and a peaceful moon, this beautiful masterpiece reminds you of the rage and calm both at the same time. Its vibrant color and clear pattern give your dorm room a dramatic makeover to embrace.

Size: S: 59” x 51”, M: 59” x 59”, L: 82” x 59”, & XL: 92” x 71” 

6. Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Tapestry


peacock mandala tapestry

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Here comes the beautiful artwork representing the best of Indian Craftsmanship – Peacock Mandala Tapestry. Handcrafted by the local artists, this tapestry features some beautiful colors and reflects a blissful vibe in your room. You’ll fall in love with its intricate details and magnificent pattern.

Size: 54” x 72”

7. Large Macramé Bohemian Wall Hanging


Macramé Bohemian Wall Hanging

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If you want to transform your dorm room into the ethereal sanctuary, this vintage wall hanging can be a real show-stopper. It is beautiful, and one-of-a-kind knotted tapestries that can turn any space into a living paradise. You can use this exquisite masterpiece as a wall hanging, window curtain, door curtain, or a closet cover.

Size: 50” x 75”

8. Celestial Starry Sky Dorm Room Wall Tapestry


Celestial Starry Sky Dorm Room Wall Tapestry

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Featuring a beautiful celestial starry sky and vivid color combination, this tapestry can bring a real hippie ambiance into your dorm room. The least this tapestry can offer is a visual treat and happy mood. Your dorm room will completely adore this powerful artwork combining imagination and energy for bringing the colorful novelty into its space.

Size: M: 59” x 51” & L: 82” x 59”

9. Yin & Yang Mandala Tapestry


yin & yang tapestry

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Yin and Yang is a fantasizing concept of dualism, which represent how two opposing forces can be interrelated in the natural world. This cool dorm room tapestry is a beautiful representation of Yin & Yang along with an Indian Mandala representing a deep & meaningful pattern overall. This tapestry speaks for the notion that life is never-ending, and everything, good or bad, is interrelated.

Size: 54” x 82”

10. Dream-Catcher Space Galaxy Tapestry


dream catcher tapestry

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Your dorm room will totally embrace this beautiful dream-catcher tapestry with the feathers and galaxy for its clean and vibrant design. It features a unique design rich in color with a neat and tidy hem. You can use this tapestry as a wall-hanging, sheet, shawl, beach blanket, and even a yoga mat.

Size: M: 51.2” x 59.1”, L: 59.1” x 78.7”, & XL: 70.8” x 92.5”

11. Space Galaxy Tapestry


space galaxy tapestry

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With an elegant look and soft touch, this conventional piece of art can be your most cherished dorm room wall tapestry. This space galaxy tapestry features a 3D visual design, which makes it starry night print seem more realistic and vibrant. It’s nothing less than a luscious visual treat for you and everyone who visits your dorm room.

Size: M: 51.2” x 59.1”, L: 59.1” x 78.7”, & XL: 70.8” x 92.5”

12. World Map Tapestry for Dorm Room


world map tapestry

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If you see the whole world as your home or want to travel the whole world, you should bring this high-definition world map tapestry to your dorm room. This rare beauty aesthetic design is the result of masterly craftsmanship and something not to be missed. You can brighten up your dorm room walls with this next-to-perfect wall art representing the whole world.

Size: 70.8” x 92.5”

13. Colorful Mountains & Forest Tree Tapestry


colorful mountains tapestry

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Your dorm room is probably in the city, disconnecting you from the very beauty of nature, trees, and mountains. This is one of the coolest dorm room tapestries you can get to re-establish your connection with Mother Nature. Bring the most colorful mountains and soothing forest trees, witnessing the beautiful sunset to your dorm with this exceptional tapestry design.

Size: 51.2” x 59.1”

14. Great Wave Wall Tapestry


great wave tapestry

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Give your dorm room walls a unique and trendy makeover with this beautiful wall tapestry depicting a great sea wave. If you love the sea, this Great Wave Kanagawa Tapestry is your best pick for giving life and pop to the dead walls of your dorm room.

Size: 59” x 79”

15. Skull Chakra Meditation Tapestry


meditating skull tapestry

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You’d love this meditating skeleton tapestry for its high-definition print, crisp line, vivid colors, and delicate hemming. This beautiful tapestry can revive your dorm room with a harmonious decoration bringing in some positive vibes for chakra healing. You can also use this tapestry as a yoga mat and for meditation purposes.

Size: S: 51.2ʺ × 59.1ʺ, M: 59.1ʺ × 59.1ʺ, L: 59.1ʺ × 82.7ʺ, XL: 70.9ʺ L × 92.5ʺ 

How to Hang a Tapestry in a Dorm Room?

Hanging your dorm room wall tapestry is not really a rocket-science. There are plenty of ways you can use to hang a tapestry, and all of them are quite straightforward. I am going to list five best ways to hang a tapestry, and you can choose any one of them as per your convenience.

1. Using Pushpins or Nails

The easiest way to hang a tapestry is by using the pushpins and nails. Simply use the nails or pushpins on the top-most side of the tapestry to hold it against the wall. You can either secure the only corners of the tapestry or pinup alongside the entire top side for a straighter look. This method works perfectly with the larger weaves. Others might get big holes.

2. Stick It Over a Frame

You can easily convert a piece of cloth into an expensive-looking artwork just by assembling it onto a frame. Just stretch the tapestry over a frame of appropriate size, secure its sides with tape or pins, and Voila! Place the frame anywhere you like. 

3. Use Double-Sided Tape

If you don’t want to put holes in your dorm room wall, you can use a self-adhesive velectro tape to hang a tapestry. This method works perfectly for straight as well as curved walls.

4. Hang From a Rod

Install a curtain rod at the desired place and hang your tapestry to it just like a curtain. One advantage of using a rod for hanging a tapestry is that you can roll it over any time to create a faux headboard or eye-catching display.

5. Try a Poster Hanger

A poster hanger is one of the most convenient ways to hang a tapestry without compromising with the walls at all. It is also helpful in keeping your tapestry straight against the wall.

Think of your dorm room as a blank canvas and yourself as an artist. You can paint your canvas according to your imagination, style, and creativity with the help of these beautiful tapestries. We’re sure that these tapestries will help you redecorate your dorm room the way you want. Good Luck!

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