21 Cool Tapestries for Guys Dorm Room

guy's dorm room tapestry

We know most of the guys don’t care about it all, but it’s high time that you pay a little attention to the place where you spend most of your time. It might be your bedroom or your college dorm room. The time has come to transform your dull and boring men’s room into a sexy masculine space with the help of a tapestry – a guy tapestry to be more precise.

A tapestry is one of the coolest ways to add a personality and vibe to a guy’s bedroom or dorm room. Whether you’re into dark bold colors, industrial themes with metal & wooden fixture, vintage layouts, or perhaps a vibrant, colorful space, there are so many wall tapestries for guys available online to look after their varying preferences. In this article, we will be bringing the best collection of guy tapestries from Amazon to give your dorm room a stunning makeover. Before exploring the collection, we suggest you take note of the existing color theme and décor of your room so that you can choose the perfect wall tapestry for your masculine space.

Cool Tapestries for Guys – Top 21 Amazon Finds

1. Mysterious Moon Forest Tapestry


Mysterious Moon Forest Tapestries for guys

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This tapestry for men lets you immerse into the mystery of this enigmatic forest with the beautiful moon in the sky. Fabricated with superior materials, this wall tapestry can add a magical impact on your dorm room walls to provide perfect sight.

2. Baofu Skull Tapestry for Men


Skull Tapestry for Men

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The prints like these are a bold representation of a fierce and courageous personality. This skull tapestry can make a guy’s room look more masculine and gallant. Impressive skull print, bright color, decorative edges, and elegant finish of this wall tapestry make it one of the must-haves for a guy’s bedroom or dorm room.

3. Abstract Sketch of  Lovers


Abstract Sketch of Kissing Lovers

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Abstract designs go stupendously with masculine spaces, especially when they are black and white. This kiss lover tapestry uses advanced printing techniques to create a visually pleasing sketch art over an excellent quality material to add a bold style you men’s spaces.

4. Constellations Tapestry Wall Hanging


Constellations Tapestry Wall Hanging

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If you fancy the celestial world, you’d love this moon constellation as a headboard image right behind your bed. The HD print and hand-sewn finishes of this wall art are impressive. You will be amazed looking at the dramatic makeover your room experiences as soon as you install this wall tapestry.

5. African Lion Wall Tapestry


Lion Wall Tapestry For Guys

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Animal artworks can pump up masculine spaces like nothing else. A lion is an ultimate symbol of pride and wisdom. It is known for its unparalleled leadership qualities as well. Having a lion tapestry in your room will reflect your strong personality and a courageous soul. Such artworks can change people’s perspective towards you in a right way.

6. Artistic Watercolor Tapestry


Artistic Watercolor Tapestry

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The imaginative watercolor print on this tapestry says a lot about art. It is an excellent choice for the guys who love colors and artistic touch in their room. If this tapestry goes with the color theme of your room, it can make a beautiful addition to a guy’s place.

7. Blue Mountain Landscape


Blue Mountain Landscape tapestry for guys room

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The cool ocean design looks like a powerhouse of positive energy. It can cheer up the whole vibe in your room with its presence. Its vibrant hues and colorful design is such an eye candy that you don’t probably want to miss having its optimistic impact on your room.

8. Passionate Hug under Starry Sky


Hug under Starry Sky

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This one of a kind tapestry represents a strong human emotion with the magical dark starry background. It uses high-quality silky-satin polyester blend fabric and high-definition design that provides an elegant and graceful artwork for a men’s room. This tapestry can add spice to the guy’s dorm room for sure.

9. Mount Fuji Art Tapestry


Mount Fuji Tapestry

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Made from quick-drying and lint-free fabric, Japanese Mount Fuji Mountain inspires this artwork. If you love the sense of calm and tranquility, you will love having this piece of art in your room. It makes you feel closer to nature and its beauty. This tapestry features crisp lines and bright colors that go perfectly with almost all kinds of themes.

10. Psychedelic Arabesque Mysterious Hippie Tapestry


Psychedelic Arabesque Mysterious Hippie Tapestry for guys

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This psychedelic tapestry is a whole art-show in itself. It’s got bohemian flair and a hippie side to it that could fill a guy’s dorm room with a lot of mystery. If hippie culture mesmerizes your soul, this magical fractal tapestry with an abstract retro pattern is an excellent choice to crank things up a notch in your room.

11. Watercolor World Map Tapestry


Watercolor World Map Tapestry

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World map has always been one of the favorites when it comes to wall décor. Whether you’re decorating a girl’s dorm or a guy’s dorm, a world map tapestry never fails to give a bit of zing to your space. This particular tapestry features a clear pattern, fashionable design, and leaves a long-lasting impact on your visitors.

12. Psychedelic Black Mountains Tapestry


Psychedelic Tapestries for guys

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This black and white tapestry beautifully combines moon, stars, mountains, and clouds into a fine piece of art that can take a guy’s dorm room from “dry as dust” to fascinating in the matter of seconds. The quality of print and the fabric is also good. You’d love the crisp lines and delicate hemming of this tapestry.

13. Good Vibes Only Written in Neon


Good Vibes Only Written in Neon

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“Good Vibes Only” is the latest fad that carries a lot of meaning. A guy’s room should be a place where there is no room of negative vibes, and hence this tapestry should be put to display. Not to mention, it can also give men’s room a stylish makeover, especially with its vibrant neon color. You’ll love your space after putting up this tapestry on the wall.

14. White Claw Tapestry

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This trippy tapestry is nicely crafted for a guy’s dorm room or bedroom. Maybe you don’t feel legally allowed to buy a tapestry, but you can’t deny the swag it’s got. This could be a unique centerpiece or the best headboard artwork for your dorm room. The quality is too good to be true at such a decent budget. If you loved the design, go for it.

15. Tropical Palm Tree Tapestry


Tropical Palm Tree Tapestry

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If you love tropical decorations in your dorm room, this tapestry can make a beautiful addition. Its creative design includes palm trees in black and white to fill your space with a beach-like vibe. This tapestry is available in multiple variants and colorful designs as well. Make sure to check them out too.

16. Sunrise from the Ocean Wall Tapestry


sunrise view tapestry for guys

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Everyone talks about the beautiful sunsets, but has anyone ever witnessed the beauty of a sunrise? There are very few people who have. This tapestry depicts the beautiful sunrise from the ocean and brings it right into your room while adding a jiff of mysterious glory. A sight to behold and art to appreciate – this gorgeous tapestry is all about that.

17. Peace Love & Happiness Tapestry


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Beautifully featuring the 70s color theme, this tapestry will garner a lot of compliments for you. This trippy art is a nice splash of color and a great fusion of psychedelic art and abstract designs. This art is perfect for any guy’s dorm, plus it lights up the mood every time you glance at it. We have completely fallen for this artistic tapestry for a guy.

18. Purple Galaxy Tapestry


Galaxy Tapestries for Guys

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Made out of multiple celestial bodies, this tapestry is one of the best things that can ever happen to a guy’s dorm room. It has a mysterious purple sky, cryptic galaxy, Saturn with its gorgeous ring – basically all the spell-binding elements of space. This tapestry for men is just too good to ignore. Your guests won’t stop admiring this mystical piece of art.

19. Black & White Yak Tapestry


Black & White Yak Tapestry

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Perhaps yak is not your favorite animal, but this tapestry can be. This design is simply a stunner that could refine a guy’s bedroom or dorm room décor to make it up-to-the-minute. We’d love to see this fancy-pants tapestry in a guy’s dorm because we’re every sure it can turn your space into an ultra-modern haven.

20. Soccer Turf Guys Room Décor


Soccer Turf Home Décor

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Men who are crazy about soccer would love this elegant badass tapestry with a soccer stadium. If you’re hunting for a unique piece of art to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary – this tapestry wall hanging could be it. Its detailed sewing and creative design will give your room a splendid makeover.

21. Vintage Library Wall Hanging


Vintage Tapestries for guys

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No room for an actual library in your dorm? How about creating an illusion of having an old library in your place without spending a fortune? If you love the idea of it, this tapestry can be an attractive décor investment. Its superlative quality and vibrant design can make your room look luxurious. It can also make a wonderful background for your next photo session.

Tapestries are brilliant wall décor items for guy’s room if you know how to choose and install them right. Therefore, you must consider other elements of your room before purchasing a tapestry. It can enhance your space’s beauty without having to spend hundreds. You can install them in your room using nails, pushpins, curtain rods, frames, or using whichever way you like. Just give them proper care and gentle hand-wash so that they can last forever until you’re ready to replace them.

Good luck with transforming your space!

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