Where to Buy Tapestries? Best Online Tapestry Stores for You


Tapestries are a great way to transform any room in your own style. They add a unique panache to your wall décor at a very reasonable budget. You can use them as a wall hanging, table cloth, couch cover, bedspread, picnic blanket, yoga mat, and any other way you please. So, whether you’re thinking about redecorating your room or moving to a dorm room in college, a tapestry can add a fun element to your space. Luckily, with the rising popularity of cool and trippy tapestries in western culture, many online stores have started selling them in various sizes, colors, patterns, and designs.

Where Can I Buy A Tapestry?

If you are thinking about where to buy tapestries for your dorm room, bedroom, living room, or playroom, we got you. Buying tapestries get a lot easier when you can order then sitting at home. In this article, we have listed the most trusted online stores that sell fantastic tapestry wall hangings

Let’s have a look:

1. Amazon.com

Tapestries on Amazon
Source: Amazon.com

Amazon has always been our best pick to buy almost anything we can think. The store features many trusted vendors and merchants with the best tapestry collection ever. You will find plenty of awesome tapestries on Amazon in small to huge sizes. The price range starts from $10 and goes up to $80. You will be amazed to find the artisans selling their best artwork at reasonable prices. 

Be it a pretty pink tapestry for girl’s room, a fierce animal tapestry, an abstract art, a mandala tapestry, or your idea of perfect tapestry design; you will be able to find all popular tapestry designs on Amazon.

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2. Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters tapestry

Urban Outfitters is one of those stores that make you fall in love with their chic collection of home décor items. No wonder they are one of the best online stores for buying tapestries as well. The tapestries on Urban Outfitters feature chic designs and excellent material. They can add a pop of art and color to any lifeless wall in your house. If you need a tapestry for your dorm room, bedroom, living room, playroom, or a meditation room, Urban Outfitters is the best place to buy it.

From Watercolor Stardust Tapestry to Makenna Floral Tapestry, the store has many cool designs that will melt your heart. The price range starts from $19 and goes up to $79.

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3. Society 6

where to buy tapestry

Society 6 is one of the finest places that sell tapestries. It has a vast collection, fabled designs, varying sizes, and almost everything to meet all your requirements. Just one peek into the store’s tapestry collection, and you will go gaga over the beautiful patterns and artwork it has to offer. Various artists from all over the world sell their original masterpieces on Society 6, and you won’t be disappointed at all. The pricing is also very reasonable.

We loved their Black Lives MatterSummer Vista, and Magical Moth Tapestry.

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4. Etsy

online tapestry websites

Etsy is a great store to discover original art by artists from all over the globe. They sell some incredible hand-woven and hand-painted tapestries to meet all your decorating needs. No more fixing your wall-paint every time it’s ruined. Get a tapestry from Etsy and forget what it was like to have messed up walls. Also, the website has a user-friendly layout, and it allows you to get directly in touch with the sellers. You can also make special requests if your seller allows. Isn’t that great?

Our best picks from Etsy are Handmade Nordic TapestryHoney Bee TapestryWoven Moon Dreamcatcher Tapestry.

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5. Ebay

where to buy tapestry

Ebay also sells all sorts of hand-woven and printed tapestries to match different requirements of varying consumers. It has a surprisingly large collection which will never disappoint. They have coolest wall tapestries in their store that you can add to your wall décor according to your own comfort and taste. If you need a good artwork to give your walls a bohemian makeover, you should definitely explore some tapestry designs on Ebay.

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6. Walmart

tapestries on walmart

There was the time when Walmart used to be just a brick and mortar superstore. Now they have started selling almost everything – Tapestries includes. Though they don’t have a massive collection of tapestries, you will find some masterpieces in their limited stock. They mostly sell woven tapestries, and thus you’ll find the store a bit expensive. But, it sure is worth checking out.

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7. Target

target tapestry

Target is another good website where you can explore and buy pretty tapestry wall hangings. Since Target has just started selling tapestries, you won’t find a vast collection there. You might also find them a bit over-priced, but we have invented some unique designs on the store that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So, if your hunt for perfect wall tapestry ends at Target, it’s totally worth it. We didn’t like the layout and UI of the website, but its tapestries are worth a glance.

Our best picks from target are this Macramé Wall Tapestry and this Pastel Moontime Wall Hanging.

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8. Overstock

tapestries on overstock

Overstock has a vast assortment of printed and hand-woven tapestries to woo your heart and soul. The budget is also very reasonable. It’s a great store to buy tapestries if you are a college student or if you’re on a tight budget. It is also a reliable website to find quality tapestries in terms of designs, patterns, and sizes.

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9. Trippy Store

trippy store tapestry

Need some trippy tapestries to revamp your room at a small budget. Explore Trippy Store. This tapestry website has beautiful tapestries and most of them with fall under $35 price range. You will find thousands of designs in multiple colors and sizes on this online tapestry store. Their prints are HD quality, and the fabric is great too. From traditional designs to pop art and modern abstract prints, you will find plenty of wall hangings here.

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10. Wayfair

wayfair tapestry

Wayfair is a reputed online store for home furnishings and other home fittings. They have an impressive collection of tapestries as well. As an online retail store, it deals in different sizes and designs of wall tapestries from various sellers. If you need to decorate your room with a tapestry on a tight budget, you should explore the tapestry wall hangings here, and we are sure you’ll find something meeting your design and budget preferences.

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So, who sells the best tapestries among all the above stores?

If you consider buying tapestries online, you must check all of these online websites. You will find many beautiful tapestry designs on these online shops with unique patterns and designs. Though Amazon seems to have the most extensive collection, you might find your perfect pick from the store with the minimum selection. Who knows, right? Most of these websites offer a return facility in case you didn’t like the design or print. Read the return or exchange policy before buying. 

Good luck with your tapestry shopping!

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